View Full Version : Free Beginnerís Windsurfing eBook giveaway on Amazon Kindle

20th June 2012, 04:07 PM
First time poster, long time lurkerÖ Hi guys, been reading this forum on and off for a while now and
wanted to give something back. so this post is to let you know that youíll be able to pick up a free
copy of my bestselling eBook ďWindsurfing Ė The Complete GuideĒ from amazonís Kindle store now
this weekend. Now, amazon doesnít let you do any promo codes or such and only lets you have a few days of free copies, so this is the best I could figure out for now. Thereís no catch, no mail signup, no delivery cost that I know of at least. You donít need a kindle either, just a computer (well, an amazon account, but those are free) it even works with an iPhone.

The book is a beginner guide so it is mostly geared towards newbies but there might be a few
things for the more seasoned sailor in it as well. Itís intended either as a compliment to windsurfing
lessons or windsurfing school or as standalone guide on how to windsurf for someone who has some previous experience or a buddy who can help a bit. The book includes info on: windsurf equipment; (Windsurf boards, sails, masts, types of boards, etc) windsurfing safety; where to windsurf; History of windsurfing, Windsurfing camps/Schools, and windsurfing culture. It also has some links to som windsurfing videos that I like personally.

Mods: hope itís ok to include a link since this is a free giveaway. If its not cool to post links, could you please just take out the link and then people can search for the title?

NOTE: the free period will start Saturday at approximately 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (U.S Time) and end the same day at approximately 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time so youll have to translate that to your time zone.

Hope you'll like the book! //Bruce