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mark h
27th June 2012, 05:20 PM
Any one know who is using these fins or is it just hype? Tectonic say the top riders are using them, but all I see in the pictures are carbon fins like Z-fins and Carpenter fins etc.

1st July 2012, 10:12 PM
I think the website says "secret fin". From what I understand, the top PWA professional using them was exclusive on them, kept them covered up ie: no pictures ? As for who? Take a good guess,,, you would probably be right,,,

1st July 2012, 10:46 PM
I know that Micah and Bijourn definitely used the T-43 last season, very effectively in their mid size kits.
Like on their 7.8 and 8.6 sails and midsize boards.

1st July 2012, 11:12 PM
I know that Micah won this PWA event in Turkey using T-43's in the bigger sizes 48-50cm quite handily,
1 Micah Buzianis USA-34 0.7 0.7 2.0 2.0
2 Antoine Albeau F-192 4.0 3.0 0.7 3.0

2nd July 2012, 10:18 AM
Micah's definitely on some kind of Tectonics... not sure of the models. Don't see a lot of other G10 fins out there from what I've seen however...

mark h
5th July 2012, 12:29 PM
Thank's Sean

The last few week's I've generally been a pain in the butt asking around about fins and booms as I'm changing all of mine.

Im keeping all my 2012 iS's and NS F2011's till next year and concentrating on getting good fins and booms now. Got AL360 E3 booms for 5.2m to 8.6m, and about to order a big Tecnolimits XTR for the 9.5m.

Still unsure about fins. I cant really stretch to Carpenter Fins or Z-fins, so narrowed it down to the new "green" Gas-Fins, F4 fins D2, Select V-max and possibly Techart fins. All pretty good value and ready available-ish. I only need 4 fins, but still a fair outlay, so trying to get it right:)

12th July 2012, 08:00 AM
I see you made a very long list of possibilities and didn't include Tectonics as an option? i have been using these fins now for many years and I can tell you , they were the first, and they are the best,, they have 3 world titles under the belt, the best guys in the world use em, they ship immediately, no waiting,, Antonie and Bjorn pay for them,, Bjorn won his world title last year using them,, maybe you should check em out,,, it seems to me that all these other fin companies start out by trying to copy Tectonics,,, I also find it very interesting that in the Kite racing world,, Tectonics also has the World Title using the very same fins available for windsurfing,,,, check out Johnny Heineken, world champ, what's up with that???

mark h
15th July 2012, 01:13 AM
Hi Unreg
Im not ruling the Talon or T43 out, but I have noticed that most of the fast guys heavier guys have switched to carbon this year.

I do like Tectonic fins, and have a set of Nomads and a Hornet for speed boards, I also had every size Falcon F1 from 22cm to 34cm, so Im no stranger to how good Tectonics are:)

I always used carbon fins on my slalom kit as I'm approx 100kg and thought best to stick with what I know. I once got a set of Vector G10 Cranefires and sold em all a couple of weeks later cause I way prefered the carbon feel.

That's not to say the Talons or T43 would feel bad as Iv'e never tried them. If I were to go with two fins per board (iS107/iS137) what size Talon are best, and same for T43?

I normally take one fin size that works most of the time, and one fin size for light winds. Currently use Select S10 39/41/45cm on iS107, 39cm & 45cm dont get used much at all, the 41cm seems to cover 90%. The iS137 I use S10 47cm and 51cm, the 47cm is good 80% of the time.

16th July 2012, 03:28 AM
Would a 46cm talon be stiff enough for 195 lb sailor? I had a 44 cm g10 thin foiled fin from another manufacturer and eventually it started to spin out all the time. At first it was ok. Could the g10 have gotten softer and fatigued and started flexing too much??
Does tectonics get superior g10?
After all, g10 is just fiberglass layers laminated with epoxy. It would make sense for it to fatigue with endless flex cycles...
Any modern slippery mass produced fins out there that are stiff enough?? Are any of the selects slippery, or are they all super-powerful?

mark h
26th July 2012, 12:49 AM
For any one that's not seen it, here's a list of who's using what, compiled by Sean during his excellent coverage of the PWA events on Boards.com.

Antoine Albeau – Deboichet / Kashy / Tectonics
Josh Angulo – Kashy / Tectonics
Ludovic Jossin – Tectonics / C3 (Sting)
Ben Van Der Steen – Z-Fin / C3 (Sting)
Patrik Diethelm – MB Fins / F2 Custom (shaped by Kai Hopf)
Andrea Cucchi – Tectonics
Kurosh Kiani – Vector / Tectonics
Peter Bijl – Vector
Bjorn Dunkerbeck – Tectonics / CA Fins
Steve Allen – Tectonics / CA Fins
Micah Buzianis – Tectonics
Sean O’Brien – homemade custom carbon fins
Ross Williams – Z-Fins / Kashy
Arnon Dagan – Z-Fins
Alberto Menegatti – Z-Fins
Andrea Rosati – Z-Fins / Tectonics

27th July 2012, 11:48 AM
contact Martin van Meurs, about his MxR fins

28th July 2012, 12:10 AM
Aloha, Dennis Parton here from Tectonics Maui, I see there is quite some action here and will get back asap to try and help with any questions and make recommendations,, meanwhile i am having trouble registering here,, i get "registration has been disabled by the administrator"

mark h
3rd August 2012, 08:46 PM
Finally decided what new fins to get for my iS107 and iS137. Just ordered four custom fins from F-Hot. 38cm, 42cm, 48cm and 52cm. I'm hopping the the 38cm (iS107) and 48cm (iS137) will be the most used, and the 42cm and 52cm for light flukey days.

The new F-hot fins has the new curved leading edge which seems to rapidly be replacing the traditional straight leading edge. The outline is pretty similar to Z=fins and Carpenter fins.

These fins are similar cost to Select fins but custom quality and no 3 month waiting list.

As soon as I have used them all, I'll post my feelings:)

Here's their site: www.f-hot.com

mark h
16th August 2012, 06:51 PM
Fins arrived today. First impression are very good. The finish is A1 and they feel much lighter than the Select fins that they replace. Hopefully get some wind to test all sizes soon. here's a picture:

21st August 2012, 12:23 AM
Hi Mark, those F-hot fins look good ! How were they on the water ?

mark h
23rd August 2012, 11:52 AM
Hi Frederico,

Iv'e been to Bruges/Belgium since getting the fins, I'm home for the weekend and it looks like we have wind:) Will let you know next week how I get on with the 48cm and 52cm:)

31st August 2012, 07:24 AM
Hi Mark,
How have you got on with the new F-Hot slalom fins compared to your select's. I have the F-Hot formula which is brilliant & I was considering the slalom fins as well.

mark h
31st August 2012, 11:43 AM
Hi Tim

Iv'e had the fins for two weeks now and I keep getting skunked:( The wind here is like 7k or 8k and a bad direction. We have a good direction this weekend but light very light winds, hopefully the wind will be strong enough to get out. Its always the same for me, I buy new kit and the wind teases me:))

mark h
2nd September 2012, 01:20 AM
Hi Tim

At last we had some wind today, all be it very light gusty winds, but I could try the F-hot fins.

For the record, I am 100kg/194cm and like a lot of power through the back leg.

We had WSW winds today, this direction is always very gusty because of the Welsh hills. Winds were 12knots gusting to 18knots, with odd 20knot gust.

Normally, I would take a 9.5m in these crappy type winds, but I wanted to try the F-hot fins on both my SB iS137 and iS107 so I opted for the 8.6m as this works on both boards.

First I tried the 48cm/iS137, Fin has plenty of lift and gave good acceleration in the gusts. Top speed were also very good. I felt very comfy down wind and I could really push against it to get up wind. I noticed that I did not have to think about the at all, it just felt very easy to use. Max speed for this combo was just over 32knots. This was know were near its real peak speed, I will have to wait for better, more stable winds to test its peak speed.

Second I tried the 42cm/iS107. The wind was dropping and I was not really able to test properly as I felt under powered, I guess the wind was around 12knots gusting 15knots. Still managed to peak at 30k and just like the 48cm it generates plenty of lift, comfy down wind and I could push very hard against it to get up wind. Did not get a enough wind to try the 38cm, but I guess the 38cm will be good for 7m and 8m. I think the 38cm could be to small for 8.5/9m, the 42cm is better for big sails.

Third I tried the 52cm/iS137 as the wind was dropping off a lot by now. This fin is a fast light wind power house. Same feeling as the 48cm, just more power. It will be perfect with my 9.5m in 10k to 15k.

The water was pretty flat today, just small harbour type chop. I was looking for the choppy waters to see how the fins were. No problems and I expect the fins will be fine in much rough waters.

For me, it's pretty hard trying to describe a fin, but my feelings are all positive. I came from Select S10's, SL7's and RS7's and I feel these F-Hots are much better all round. Similar power cm for cm for acceleration and early planing, free-feeling board, easier through chop. Fins feel like they like to be maxed out which I think is a good thing. One thing I noticed was that I had to move the mast track back a couple of cm more than usual, this just felt right for me.

2nd September 2012, 10:20 AM
Cheers Mark,

Interesting to hear your thoughts.

11th September 2012, 10:05 AM
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11th October 2012, 07:55 AM
For me, it's pretty hard trying to describe a fin, but my feelings are all positive. I came from Select S10's, SL7's and RS7's and I feel these F-Hots are much better all round. Similar power cm for cm for acceleration and early planing, free-feeling board, easier through chop. Fins feel like they like to be maxed out which I think is a good thing. One thing I noticed was that I had to move the mast track back a couple of cm more than usual, this just felt right for me.

So am i correct in thinking that they are stiffer than your previous fin, if you're having to put the mast track back?

Track further forward for more control (leverage) over a flexible fin and vise versa for a stiffer fin.

mark h
11th October 2012, 12:13 PM
Yeah, pretty much. On dry land they feel similar stiffness, but the water they definetly feel stiffer. Less work through the back leg and feels comfortable through chop etc. :)

11th October 2012, 03:43 PM
Hi Mark, have they the same rake? As this would also change where you put the mast base

mark h
11th October 2012, 06:35 PM
The F-Hots do have slightly more rake:)