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1st August 2012, 12:30 PM
Hello, a friend of mine just bought a new board and gave me his old 125 liter board . I have always sailed longboards. I sail in conditions about 5-15 knots. I dont waterstart yet but plan to learn. I weigh 145 lbs. Will I be able to uphaul easily? Will I enjoy this board or will the lower volume present major challenges. Also how will the 125 liter board perform in sub planing conditions? Hope you all will have a really great day, take care

1st August 2012, 09:06 PM
Hi Unreg,
At 145 lbs, the 125 liter board will seem "challenging" to uphaul right at first, compared to your longboard, but you can/will quickly adapt to the slightly different skill set it takes to uphaul.
It has plenty of reserve volume for a sailor of your weight.
At your weight, with a 7.5-8.5 m2 rig, you may start to plane in around 12 knots of wind (maybe
slightly less with an 8.5 m2 free race rig with lots of draft and as you develop goode pumping
skills on the 125 liter shortboard.
In sub planing condtions for the 125 liter shortboard, you will be much better off on your longboard.
You will need to "rail" the short board alot just to stay upwind and the railing will prevent you from planing to some degree.
You can certainly sail the 125 liter board in < planing windspeeds, but it won't be very much fun when compared to planing @ 12 knots on the same board.