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4th April 2007, 03:52 PM

I bought a Starboard Go with Sidefins for my daughter.
The screws and washers for the sidefins were lost in the case of transport.
Now , i have Problem to get new screws.
Can you tell me an Item Number or a picture for these mounting elements?
Do you know a Dealer in Germany or Europe who send me the screws ?
Are the washers the same as at the Tailfinn ?
How long are the screws ?

Thank you for your Help


5th April 2007, 04:47 AM
Contact the distributors in germany who should be able to supply or direct you to a dealer.

Their contact details are

APM Marketing GmbH
Ph : 49 89 89511170
Fax : 49 89 89511172
Email : team@apm-marketing.de

5th April 2007, 08:51 AM
Hi Jarner,
What year model is your GO and what size?
Are you sure you have the correct side fins for your particular board?
In 2003 and later the size of the side fins fit is printed/molded into the side fins.
You will need the oval toothed washers (6 of them). They are the same as the oval toothed washers that are used on the footstraps.
The side fin screws are very special in 2 ways.
They are PT (Plastics Technology) with a very special thread form that gives the maximum "pull out" strength in plastics like the side fin and footstrap inserts.
The second part of this is the screws are shorter than your footstrap screws. Footstrap screws are M6 PT x 28 mm long.
The side fin screws are PT M6 x 25 cm long.
It's very important that you get the correct length as the longer footstrap screws might tend to "punch through" the back of the shallower side fin insert and cause a leak into the interior foam of your board.
If you cannot get your local dealer or distributor to get you the correct screws, get back with me. I may have a couple of sets of them.
Hope this helps,

6th April 2007, 04:42 PM
Thank you for your help.
i have the latest Go 139, the Side Finns are looking right.
i have called apm for the lost mounting parts and they send me Screws and washers.
But, the washers are to small for the holes in the finns
and the Screws looking very short.
There are no Pictures in Internet or in Starboard advertisement folders.
Here are a Picture from the wrong washers.

6th April 2007, 08:15 PM
Hi jgarner,
From a photo I have no way to measure the length of the screw you show.
It's the correct "type" of screw, for sure, but is it 25 mm long or 28 mm long?
If it's 25 mm long then it's the correct screw for mounting your side fins.
But since APM sent you common fin screw washers and sealing washers, you didn't get the correct set for mounting the side fins.
Here's my suggestion, if you do no have time to wait to get the correct
mounting hardware.
1/ Measure the screws and determine the length. If they are 28 mm, then use an additional 2 washers to take up the extra length.
2/ Go to a marine hardware store and purchase 6 fender washers (washers with much larger outside diameter than the washer in your photo.
3/ At the same store, purchase 6 rubber washers approx the same size as the fender washers. Get the thinnest ones they have.
4/ Take a small nail or pin of some sort that will go into the holes for the side fins in the rails of your GO 139.
Measure how deep the holes are by inserting the pin in the hole then pulling it back out and measuring.
5/ Assemble the fender washer and rubber flat washer on the screw.
6/ Stick the assembled screw/fender washer/rubber washer through the hole in the side fin and merasure how much it protrudes beyond the inside of the side fin.
If the length of protrusion is about 25 mm then use that setup.
If the length is longer then add the small washer APM sent between the head of the screw and the fender washer to "shorten" the length that the screw extends beyond inside of the side fin.
7/ Assemble the side fins to your board, but take great care when tightening the screws.
They just need to be snug.
If the screw stops turning, or turns with great force, STOP. You may have installed the screw to the full depth of the hole in the insert.
If the screw gets tight, and the wahers are still loose, add another 2 small washersw (same as the ones APM sent) under the head of each screw to shorten the length.
Alternatively, you can ask APM to get you some of the old oval toothed washers.
Sorry for the inconvenience here, but mounting the side fins (if you don't have the original hardware package that comes with the board) has always been a bit of a hassle.
Hope this helps,