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16th August 2012, 08:08 AM
Dear Starboard Team,

When I read the new Futura product description, I was a little surprised. In the section "What´s new" I found exactly the same 3 topics than last year with exactly the same wordings.

For example:
111/121/131: Thinner again by 5mm, 7mm and 16mm (111, 121, and 131 respectively). The reduced thickness further increases the Futura’s responsiveness and controllability.

In 2012 this matched with the specifications, the thickness for the Futura 121 was reduced from 12.1 (in 2011) to 11.4 (in 2012).

But in the 2013 specifications the thickness of the Futura 121 is increased to 11.8. This is vice versa to the product description.

Since the two other new features have also been introduced already in 2012, I ask myself: What's new about the Futura´s in 2013 unless the new cut-away shapes?

Best regards

Ian Fox
17th August 2012, 02:43 PM
Hey Bernhard, well spotted and you're right on. We screwed up on that one !
Absolutely no intention to cause confusion or mislead!

The new 2013 Futura's share basically the same profile as the 2012.

The full story is that we actually set up a lot of the product texts months ago, well before final release
and that 2012 text was "pasted" in (back then) not as a fake for 2013, but simply as a mockup and reminder to
highlight the slim profile in 2013 for those who had "missed" the significance of that in the 2012 year.

It's been there for so long we all got so used to seeing it, kinda missed on the rush to get the final out last week.
(moreso as the Futura was not a page we Beta tested and should have hey boys ???)

Thanks for highlighting.

Cheers ~ Ian

Ian Fox
18th August 2012, 04:54 AM
By the way, what IS new is sigificant and also worth highlighting;

The all new 2013 Futuras again feature strong iSonic DNA ; in each 2013 Futura the ride, top end speed
and control have all been improved by the new tail cutaway design taken directly from iSonic development.

A more open cutaway ensures cleaner wake turbulence and lower drag; more top end
speed. The enhanced trim results in a freer riding design with reduced chop impact underfoot;
real world performance updates.

New WOOD X construction (!!) : New and exclusive for Futura and Carve in 2013; an improved construction offering
lighter weight and crisper ride thru increased use of PVC foam sandwich construction, delivering a more exciting,
responsive ride while retaining compelling product value.

In 2012 we introduced the radically thin Futura range; in 2013 we improved the "impossible" ;)
with new Freerace benchmarks of high speed comfort and control.

Cheers ~ Ian