View Full Version : Code Red 9m with 520/530 Mast

21st August 2012, 04:45 PM
I got hold of 2008 9m Code Red 522 luff. The recommend mast for this was a 490.

I have a 530 Enigma that I believe is identical to a 520. I would consider cutting down the 530 to 520.

I wonder if this sail would have worked OK with a 520 as the luff is actually 522? I would like to avoid purchasing an expensive 490 if I can. Happy to give it a try, but was worried that the extreme luff curve might break the big mast? I know some of the NP and North Race sails run at very high tensions, but perhaps the 2008 Code Reds are not a problem?

23rd August 2012, 02:55 PM
hi racerx,

the 530 will be very stiff for the 9,0 Code:Red. maybe you will be able to planing little bit earlier with the stiffer mast, but you will have serius control problems in mid wind and up - specially in choppy condition.

yes, you have bigger risk to break the mast too, but the main problem is your mast will demage/strech your sail very fast and will loose the performance.

a wrong mast influence the race sails' performance much more than the other sail categories'.

hope its help,