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22nd August 2012, 03:17 PM
I am interested in geting into formula windsurfing. The sailing conditions where I live are perfect and I have always loved the formula boards. How would I go about looking for a used formula board and what would be a fair price for one in good condition?

23rd August 2012, 10:37 AM
hi unreg,

first check the overall condition of the board, no any sign to break two pieces. if someone used in wavy conditions or had very high weight you can see long cross wrinkle between the mast truck and the first foorstraps on top of the board.

after that push with your hand very hard the board under the foot pads. if you feel soft the skin of the board under the pads dont buy it, or calculate with repair costs. with simple injection easy to fix it, but if you heavy too, soon or later the board will be soft under your feet again.

check the board around the footstrap screws. if you see any crack, dont buy it. expensive and risky too to fix it. same with the mast truck.

check very carefully around the fin box. if any crack there, never buy it.

check the forums which fin works the best for that board and try to get that one.

hope its help. welcome in the "club", you will enjoy it for sure!:D


23rd August 2012, 10:40 AM
sorry, i forgot the price question...

very depend on where you live! can be 50% different easily. preferd to buy from some of your buddy who you know and he take care of his gear, save from the sun and use board bag.


23rd August 2012, 11:10 PM

Performance wise, there are great boards, good boards, OK boards and bad boards. It will take some time to find out which boards you should be looking for. There are many good starboard boards, but not all. Research on this forum will help you identify what to stay away from. Then when you find a board, follow Gyurmo's advise, plus it will be helpful to get someone with some knowledge to help you look at the board.

In the US, there are good used boards between $600 and $800 (without a custom fin).