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Atsitsa Windsurfing
25th November 2012, 04:42 AM
Am looking to buy some entry level school boards for a school with stony beach.
Anyone out there know these boards well?
Which of the two glides most easily with a small sail in light winds?
How do they compare in tacks and gybes in llight winds?
How tough are the really?
Any other comparisons of note?
Many thanks in advance for any answers

25th November 2012, 12:05 PM
Atsitsa WS,
Are all of your students/renters really heavyweights?
If they are all > 200 lbs. (90 Kg.) the your use of the Rio L and XL is probably OK.
If you have lighter students (Women and kids) the Rio L and XL would be too big
for easy learning.
What brand of trainer sails do you plan to use?
I use Rio M's and Start L's (All with EVA decks for good traction, and less
bruises for the inevitable fall or 2 a few beginners experience) with Sailworks
Retro Ripper Trainer sails (2.5/3.3/4.2/5.0).
Women and girls especially like the EVA as it does not tear skin or rash guards.
If your teach your students to really rake the rig back (and not pull it up again until
the nose of the board is well past the eye of the wind) these boards tack very well.
I've been using Rio's and Starts since the Start boards first appeared in 2000.
As far as durability, the Armour Tech is probably more resistant to dings and wear
from beach rocks, but you pay a penalty with significantly more weight.
I have never felt the need to invest in Armour Tech as the regular EVA deck boards
are quite durable. The only issue has been where the EVA laps over the rails.
Over time some small chunks of the EVA get chipped out.
Hope this helps,