View Full Version : large sail and fin for ST 115, is that 2 much?

7th April 2007, 04:14 PM
I weight 65 Kgs. and windsurf into choppy waters with a ST115 (2005) and a 6.7 saber. Since sometimes i find it hard for me to start planning i am thinking about buying a 7.8 North X-Type and to complement my Drake 32 freeride fin with a 40 Tarifa Fin Company freeride fin.
Do you think i'm pushing my ST115 a little bit to the limit? will that work with my weight?
Thanx in advance.

7th April 2007, 07:51 PM
Looking at the specs for the 2005 & 2007 S-Type 115, they have the same width and ofo. They seem to be similar in size. I imagine there are slight changes in shape, of course. The sail range for both has a recommended max of 7.2m2. The 2005 doesn't list a fin range, but the 2007 lists a max of 40cm. The 2005 comes with, as you stated, a 32cm fin. The 2007 comes with a 38cm fin.

I list all that just in case you haven't been able to find the 2005 data http://2005.star-board.com/.

So, if the fin range for the 2005 is the same as the 2007, the 40cm fin should work. But I would strongly suggest trying the 7.8 on the board before buying it. To me, that's a big enough gap between the recommended max and the sail you are looking at.

I always try to stay within the recommended range for a board. I have found too often that while something might work, after a few months of making it work it just isn't a good fit.

I weigh 65kg, so I have a question for you. What is the high wind max you find the ST115 comfortable to sail in? What size sail is the smallest you use on that board?

7th April 2007, 09:07 PM
In my opinion, the most evident limit or the board is the water surface, so if the water is flat enough you should be able to sail with sails around 5.0. The problem is when choppy increases, the board starts bouncing a lot (way more than pure slalom boards), and that usually had happened to me with Simmer Crossover 5.3. When tha happens i move to JP 70 l. and enjoy it a lot.

7th April 2007, 11:54 PM

Considering your 65 kg, a 7.8 sail and 40 cm fin will be OK on ST115 but the gain in early planing compared to a 6.7 sail may not be as stellar as expected. Being the same weight as you, I've tried 40 cm race fin with a RS2 8.2 sail and I can start and sustain the planing as of 11 knots of wind, not less. This is only 1 knot earlier than with a Jet 6.9 sail and 32 cm fin. The reason is that the tail OFO is not very wide (on a wider hull like HS105, I can fly as of 10 knots). Acceptable if this is your widest board (better be planing than not...).

At the other end of the spectrum, I've found that ST115 is still under perfect control with a 5.4 sail and a 26 cm slalom fin up to 25 knots of wind (flat to small choppy water). However, around and above than that, I usually jump to a much smaller board when chop/swell starts to get wilder and more toward serious B&J (Kombat 86 or Acid 62, depending on wind quality/consistency).

Cheers !