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7th February 2013, 01:02 AM
I've just got into GPS speed sailing and already feel like I'm approaching my Kode94's limits (32.3kts is as far as i've been able to push it.)

I usually sail it with the drake fin that came with it and a 6.6 Gaastra Nitro5 but i'm wondering if I could squeeze a few extra knots out of the board if I put a weed fin in it.

Will this enhance the board's speed and/or will it allow me to put bigger sails on the board? (I have to be mindful when sailing with the 6.6 on the stock fin to avoid cavitation)

i am also considering buying a 122iSonic for lightwind sailing....would I be better off using this as my speed board and leaving my kode for the bump'n'jump days?

Thanks in advance,


7th February 2013, 06:29 PM
Hi Ben,

I think you will get a bit more out of it yet, the 94 is a fast board. I have had mine up to 34+ knots and that was with a drake wave fin and ezzy wave sail. See my gps team challenge link below;


On that day I felt it had more in it yet but couldn't find the right gust!