View Full Version : iSonic 107 Carbon 2012

Joao Henrique
23rd April 2013, 06:27 PM
Hi all.

This post is for Starboard Team, I post it here because I could not find any e-mail address to where I could write.
I own an iSonic 107 Carbon 2012. Yesterday when I finished my late afternoon windsurfing session, I noticed that the deck of the board has a small recess just a few cm in front of the footstraps. The deck just gave up a bit, and when I touch that part of the board with my hand, it feels soft, instead of the typical hardness of a carbon board. It is not broken (yet), but I fear it will with a couple of windsurfing days more.

The board is in very good condition (seems new, actually), since it was not used many times, and it didn't suffer any accident. I took some photos and I would be happy to send them to Star-Board. I heard this problem happened with some 2011 iSonics, and that Star-Board took responsability for it. I think this should not happen with a 1 year old board...

I wonder if any of the Team Members can help me with this situation, or send me a contact to whom I can send the pictures and deal with this situation. I changed all my boards to iSonics recently, and the Regattas in Portugal are about to start in a few weeks...

Thanks in advance and regards,
Joćo Henrique