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12th April 2007, 04:22 PM
I am thinking to replace my old extensions and bases. They are Windsurfing Hawaii from 1993 and still in nice shape. I would like to buy WSH again, but it seems they are out of business, so I was thinking about Chinook or Streamlined. Does anybody have any advice about them? Is Streamlined worth its higher price, and why? I think they are compatible: am I right?

Thank you!

12th April 2007, 06:15 PM
You might still be able to optain WS Hawaii bases from Windance.com. They have been selling tendon bases on e-bay which were new but a few years old.

12th April 2007, 06:17 PM
Hi, I don't know anything about the extentions you're talking about but as soon as I jump to North PowerXT I can't suggest anything else!
Yeah, it's a bit (euphemism?) more expensive than other ones but it really worth the money! Easy to rig, no more efforts and easy in-water adjustments.. I've been using it since october and it's simply great!
For base, north again (I'm not a NS employee, I swear ;) ) : it has a torned 1.2 mm inox base while, as long as I know, the other has a M8 screw with a resistend surface of 6mm.

12th April 2007, 06:19 PM
Maremma maremma.. ma Toscana? :o B)

12th April 2007, 07:40 PM
The North XT and XTR base is great for all sails under about 7m. I love mine. When you are out at sea, just jump off adjust your downhaul, then jump straight back on. Easy.

My XTR doesnt work well with a 9m cambered sail.

12th April 2007, 07:54 PM
Well I don't know about XTR (strange it should be done for racing sails.. maybe the new XTR II is better..) but the Power XT works great on my R_type 7.8 2 cambers..
It's written it's ok for up to 9 mq non racing..

12th April 2007, 11:33 PM

yes, Magliano in Toscana, residente da Maggio 2006 (in realtà sarei Romano). Esco a Talamone e dintorni. Ci vedremo a Luglio dalle mie parti, immagino.

13th April 2007, 12:29 AM
Hi geo,

I was looking for a skinny extension not that long ago and was considering Streamline, but I wanted to also use the latest Chinook SS Europin universal which I had already acquired. What I found was that the Streamline extension couldn't capture and retain Chinook's pin. However, the Streamline extension worked perfectly with a Streamline universal. So, if you want to mix and match, it's a good idea to test fit the components before purchasing them. Needless to say, I ended up buying the Chinook extension.

Yet, if I remember correctly, you're a dedicated 2 pin cup user. I seriously doubt that there would be any interchangeability problems with the 2 pin cup design.

In my opinion, I think that both the Streamline and Chinook products are pretty solid overall. In my mind, it's a carbon versus aluminum thing. With a carbon choice, it's strickly Chinook. On the other hand, if one was to select aluminum, I would clearly choose Streamline over Chinook because I think the former offers a more robust design in most respects (less plastic).

Another good focus point to weight would be the pulley configuration. Streamline's "quick 6" pulley configuration is super solid, but it requires doing things a bit differently due to the fact that the orientation of the pulleys is in line with the sail sheaves. Chinook's pulley configuration is more standard with a rotated 90 degree orientation to the sail sheaves. In reality, a lot has to do with the type of winch one uses (back problems requires that I use one). For years I have been using a lever design called "Rig It Right", and I found that it didn't work that great with Chinook's extensions, hence my preference for the "quick 6" design. Yet, if one is using a Chinook type winch where the line rotates along a shaft to tighten the downhaul, I think either extension design will work well.

Lastly, one might want consider price. Streamline's aluminum extensions are priced up there in parallel with carbon extensions, so one would paying a premium compared with Chinook's aluminum extensions at probably half the price. A pretty strong incentive to go Chinook. Really, again, it comes down to this carbon versus aluminum thing.

Too bad that Maui Sails doesn't offer extensions as one of their products. Given their incredible carbon boom designs, I know that it's very likely they would offer a dynamite extension design. It could be that they might have something in the works. Something worth checking.

13th April 2007, 02:11 AM
I've been using the Chinook SS Europin universal (one solid piece of steal) with a Chinook extension and a Fiberspar extension, both skinny 100% carbon. They both work great. I actually love the Fiberspar extension, it feels super light and has an open pulley for those who love the Loop-N-Go system, it's the only skinny extension I found that has the open pulley.


13th April 2007, 04:43 AM
Eh non so, spero per luglio di fare un po' di vacanza da qualche parte..
Per Talamone guarda.. la mia PowerXT l'ho presa proprio lì, da Massimo Palombarini, titolare di Windsurf Mania!!
Ho visto un annuncio dove vendevano un po' di parti North a buon prezzo e sono andato a prendere qualcosa da lui..
Secondo me come prolunga non ha rivali, almeno io mi ci sono trovato benissimo!

13th April 2007, 02:30 PM

yes you remember correctly, it will be US cup in any case. And aluminum in any case.
I have no problems with plastic, it should be far more reliable than metal if sizing is correct. I think it's rather about weight, as I expect metal (Streamlined) pulley assemblies to be lighter than plastic ones (Chinook). But I don't think it would be a great difference. By sure, the QuickSix is more compact and elegant than the Chinook big plastic block, you could say it is more "streamlined". But the pulley orientation, as you pointed out, is aligned with the sail pulley, not a big problem but I am used to the other way. I also suspect that having the pulleys aligned would result in some torsion, not important but maybe annoying.

In the end and all considered, as I see there are no concerns about Chinook's reliability, and since prices and availability are much different, I will go for Chinook.

I agree with your thoughts about Maui Sails. They have a straightforward, no-nonsense, solid design approach that is just what is needed for any windsurfing hardware component. Only I think that, differently from booms, in the case of extensions there is not much to make better relatively to existing manufacturers. Maybe...


non c'è bisogno che ti dica che Talamone a Luglio dovrebbe funzionare e quest'anno con la terra che si è raffreddata poco ci sono aspettative di termici pazzeschi...
Conosco Massimo, spesso monto la vela proprio dalle sue parti. Dovrebbe avere ancora qualcosa da vendere, ma non amo il sistema Euro-pin.