View Full Version : Kode 107 vs Flare 101

25th April 2013, 07:25 PM
Hey Guys,

before the Question i want to give you an Idea of my Setup.

So im using an Rebel 83 for the stronger Wavedays for Sails between 4.7 - 3.7 my wheight is 80kg.
For the low Wind Days ive used an AHD Freestyle and tryed Flaka Spocks Airjibes and some Oldschool things like Backwindjibe Ducktack and so on. Ive liked the AHD for that verry much, because of its Stability while planing. So i used it most time for Flatwater. But sometimes there where Days with good Waves on the Baltic Ocean but verry mushy Winds like 5.3 or the Wind goes down and it is not even longer enough for 4.7 and 83l. So at this Days ive picked my 102l AHD and get out for some fun. The AHD coold even drive some carved Turns up to the Lip. It was my Boardbitch for a long Time and now ive destroyed it. Im verry unhappy, but now, there is the door open for a new bitch board for the lower Wind flatwater days and sometimes to pick a small Wave.

The new test in the magazins are confusing me now. They write about the new Freestyle Boards that they cant go for a smooth kontrolled easy Turn. It seems you have to jump at least an Airjibe to change the direction. Is that right? Do i have to look for an Freestyle Wave Board like the Kode 103 instead the Flare 101?

So if we compare this Boards, which is earlier planing, which has better low wind performance, on which one do i have the controll when the wind gets stronger(ive hated my Fanatic Goya for this bad Highwind Controll back in my early days, it felt i was just passenger, never want to have this again)
Gets the Spock even harder for me on the FSW? Is the Flare to spezialized for me? Is perhaps the Flare 111 the better choise because it is cruisier for an dude like me?

So what do you think?

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english