View Full Version : Seatrend Board 275 m long, 103 litres for a beginner?

25th April 2013, 09:06 PM

Would a Seatrend Board 275 m long, 103 litres be suitable for a beginner?

This is what I was thinking of buying from a friend

Would this be suitable for a beginner who has had some lessons, a yachtswomen, a student with not a lot of money, and a young 58kg female?

Thanks :)

25th April 2013, 09:15 PM

26th April 2013, 01:08 AM
Since you are young, and have had some lessons, you might do OK with this board and rig package, if you
have > 15 knots of wind most of the time.
What boards have you sailed when you took the lessons?
What size sails did you use?
The Seatrend is a nice board, but a fairly dated design.
It's from the "no nose" era, which didn't really work out all that well.
More modern boards are wider, more stable and plane significantly earlier, even
for a light weight young lady.
It's sort of about how steep do you wish to make your learning curve and how much
challenge are you willing to pursue.
The Seatrend you are looking at would not be the hardest board in the world to learn on,
but it's no where near the list of the easiest to learn on either.
Suggest you pass on this one and look for something a bit wider, and maybe around 120 liters.
You don't need all 120 liters just to float, @ 58 Kg/128 lbs., but a little extra buoyancy when you
are learning is a really good thing.

27th April 2013, 01:26 PM
NO, NO, NO. That board is way too small, way too fragile & has a very sharp nose that your sails will hate & your mast would love to take off. That board is designed for planing so if you throw a very small sail on it you will have difficulty balancing or staying up wind. If you throw a large sail on that Seatrend the fact that it sits low in the water will create a huge amount of drag until it gets on a plane leading to catapults & mast impacts on that pointy nose. Even in a steady wind with an expert instructor right next to you that would be a tough board to learn on without incurring some damage on it. Those were super fragile boards.