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12th April 2007, 11:00 PM
This is my first time time here, i'm George Theodosiou from Cyprus and im doing windsurfing for almost 8 years!
I'll buy the EVO74 06', and i would like to ask what is the different between wood and dram and which of two is stronger? I will also want to ask about the litres of the EVO74, is it exactly 74L or its more? They told me that the EVO's boards have approx. 10% more litres than they write on the boards. its 74L but its closeness to 81L. Is it true? By the way, i'm 69kg.

Best regards!

13th April 2007, 12:27 AM
Hi George,

not a team member, but I do own an Evo 83 '06 and I could answer to your questions.
1) D-RAM is expected and said to be stronger. probably the Woos is a bit stiffer and lighter, althought if you check the specs (Wood 6.3 +/- 5% = 6.6 max; D-RAM 6.9 -5% = 6.6 min) it is possible to have some D-RAM samples weighting about as much as some Wood ones. I'd go for the D-RAM.
2) ISAF (http://www.sailing.org/default.asp?PID=13831) lists the '05 74 at 75 liters, so pretty accurate. The point is that the Evos with their peculiar rockerline and short nose have much of their volume contributing to buoyancy when schlogging so they behave as bigger boards (no long/big nose up high on the water), but will reveal their real size once powered up and going. Of course, one will not dislike it...

13th April 2007, 12:33 PM
Geo gave a good answer above. The volume of the EVO 74 has been more or less spot on throughout all production years and I also saw german SURF mag measured the 07 EVO 75 at 74 liters.

As for strength, I don't know if Dram is really that much stronger. The main benefit from the perspectice of a "hard user" is probably that it is easier to repair. The main benefit of wood is a lighter weight and a slightly livelier ride.

At 69 kilos, I would also consider the EVO 70, especially if you have a bigger board as a complement or don't use sails larger than 5.3.