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14th April 2007, 01:25 PM
Hi All,

I was hoping to get some suggestions on sail sizes and types to be used with the Go139, in winds in the 12-15 knot range. I'm a 80kg bloke and would like to be able to get planning in these conditions. What size should I be looking at and what type of sail. I do like the Neil Pryde sails and was thinking the Saber or maybe Excess, would this be a good combination with the Go? And more importantly, what size? Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

14th April 2007, 07:57 PM
Hi Radiant X,
At your weight, on a GO 139 (250 cm long x 80 cm wide x 139 lters) you are going to need a big and powerful sail to get going in < 14 knots.
The largest 2007 NP Saber is 8.2 m2 so if you stay with the Saber, I&#39;d expect you need the 8.2 m2.
The largest NP Excess is a 7.4 m2, which might get you planing in 15 knots. Expecitng a 7.4 m2 free ride/freestyle sail to get you planing in 12 knots probably isn&#39;t going to happen.
Normally, for a fellow your size, in these windspeeds, an 8.5 V6 or V8 or even a 9.0 m2 V8 would be the recommendation from the NP &#39;07 sail lineup.
Your GO 139 is a pretty small board for someone your size to get planing early on.
If you had the GO 155 or 170 (85.0 cm and 90 cm wide with additonal volume) you might get away with a 7.5 m2 in 12 knots and expect to plane, but the GO 139 is going to take alot of power.
Hope this helps,

15th April 2007, 08:49 AM
Roger, thanks very much! That helps a great deal. I do actually have a GO170, the board I have been learning on for the past year. The wife has also recently taken up winfsurfing and it&#39;s quite a chore to get a go on the GO nowadays :D I figured a new board was in order, perhaps a smaller GO. So I was thinking ahead really. The wife likes the 8-12 knot range so I will often be sailing in those conditions for the short term at least.
I appreciate your advice and will have to re think my sail choice. I was speaking to someone yesterday and he also suggested at least a 8m sail. After looking at the V6 and V8 I&#39;m thinking the V6 would be a good choice.


15th April 2007, 09:09 AM
Hi RadiantX,
Well, with a GO 139, I&#39;d suggest putting your wife on the new board
when the winds are light, and you sail the GO 170.
When the eind gets to 15-16 knots, then put your wife on something small and you get a go on the 139.
If you don&#39;t want to deal with camber inducers, look at a Sailworks Retro or Severne Gator vs the V6 which has 2 or 3 cams (one less than the V8 I&#39;d guess).
Hope this helps,