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Roger Smith
14th June 2013, 12:20 AM
I have a new to me formula 167, it had been demoed like 3 times before I bought it from a reputable starboard dealer. The board looked to be in perfect shape. My previous board was an hwr, the deck carbon is half as thik and it looked like it had almost no epoxy, very little. I bought it new and every time I came back I had another whole in it. In the end I learned to sit it out in the sun an look for water boiling out after a rid. This new board looks and feels so much stronger and stiffer.

When I got the board I put it out in the sun and looked for any water damage. The board feels heavear than the older HWR, and for that I am greatful. However, after bringing the board back from my first ride with no harsh crashes or anything I put it in the sun, and in three places I had water come up out of it. Not much a few thimbles worth of water from each hole, maybe more, but quickly dried out. I marked each pinhole with a red felt tip marker because the holes are not visable to the naked eye, but water clearly boils out, and I helped the extraction with a hair blow drier. First is this at all normal, and second, what is the best way to go about repairing the holes. It seems like just heating it up and spraying some clear paint on the very small area while it cools and dries may be enough to seal it, I don't think epoxy will seap into the hole and may not stick, but sanding the aria and adding fiber glass or carbon seems like a way over kill. What is the remidy?

16th June 2013, 03:31 PM
Bummer, looks like the resin didn't saturate through all the glass and wood. I punched a small hole in the deck of my formula board (knot on the uphaul), plus I also had two hairline cracks show up on the bottom of my iSonic, about 5cm long (no damage, just cracks - stress?).

For all of the above repairs, I cut out the damaged area (more or less in a circle), to see how far the damage/cracks ran, all the way to the foam. I then filled in with copped up glass, and small pieces of glass, plus epoxy until the hole was filled. Then another piece of glass on top (the deck damage only) and resin. All seems to be holding up. The bottom I sanded to get it flush, then painted with appliance paint.

It may be hard to determine how much of your deck isn't saturated with resin even if you cut out an area. However, I would start with fingernail size holes.

You could also just dab on some epoxy where the leaks are (it will stick well), and keep checking for leaks before cutting through the deck. I would probably try this first.

Good luck,

16th June 2013, 11:02 PM
Roger Smith,
If you can find some "penetrating epoxy" it would be better for the type of holes/damage/dry spots you seem to need to patch.
Be sure to put your board out in the sun during the day (with the vent plug open, and make your repairs as the day is cooling off (with the vent plug closed/sealed so the partial vacuum inside the board (from it cooling off) will "pull" the penetrating epoxy into the pores/holes/cracks.
Check <www.boardlady.com> for the product info.

Nakaniko Unregistered
21st June 2013, 11:49 AM
Imho the use of an hair dryer is a bit dangerous for the board, too concentrated heating. I've used this "technique" with the cracked end of mastrack in my former wave board, an AHD Seal, and the hair dryer caused delamination in all the area around the mast track.
I solved the problem only adding resing under the deck and so adding some weight.