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26th June 2013, 08:02 PM
I have just bought rio sport and on the underside there are two small holes in front of the daggerboard system does anyone know what they are for and whether I have to do anything with them? Thanks ray.

26th June 2013, 10:51 PM
Hi Ray,
There should have been a small web strap loop in your board kit. The hole spacing on the web loop matches the hole spacing on the 2 inserts in the bottom of your board.
This is the attachment point for a tether for teaching new sailors.
The tether allows the instructor to control the distance between themselves and the student on the board, without
affecting the attitude of the board.
If the tether were attached to the nose of the board, then the nose would mostly be pointing at the instructor. If the tether were attached to the tail, the tail would mostly be pointing at the instructor.
By attaching the tether in the middle of the board, just ahead of the centerboard, the student has to set the direction of the board with sail trim and angle.
If you wish to use the tether, get a small fishing sinker/weight and attach your tether to the tether loop and then tie the sinker on so the line drops straight down below the length of the centerboard.
Used in this manner, the tether will not get wrapped around the centerboard or the fin.
Do not worry about the 2 holes. The lead into a foot strap insert that is molded inside the skin of your Rio and it cannot leak or cause any problems. Be sure to use to 2 short 6mm screws to attach the tether loop. The insert in the bottom is not as deep as the foot strap inserts on the deck (it's only an attachment point for beginners) so the short screws are more than adequate. If you use longer screws you chance punching out the back of the insert when the longer screw "bottoms out". This would cause your board to leak water into the interior which is not good!
Hope this helps,