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19th April 2007, 05:49 AM

I now sail an F-Type 158 (7.6, 8.5, 9.5 sails) and a Kombat 106 (5.0, 5.6, 6.3, 7.6 sails) on a fresh water lake and inner harbour - both can chop up and both sites tend to have inconsistent winds. I weigh 82-85kg.

I know I'm missing out on max blasting in the 6.5-7.6 wind range - where neither board is ideal.

I'm thinking of trading the Kombat down to a 97 and filling the gap with ... ?

I'm considering an iSonic 111/122, but have not ruled out an S-Type 115/126.

Any thoughts on board choice and size would be much appreciated.

Thanks - Martin

19th April 2007, 10:15 AM
If you want an iSonic for the 6.5-7.6 range, I would say the 111 would be better than the 122. You could even go with the 101 actually. I guess it depends on how much you weigh. If you choose the 101 just make sure you are fully powered up on the sail you choose and the 101 will be an amazing machine. But extra width would be nice for the inconsistent winds.


27th April 2007, 05:20 AM
bounce into May

Ian Fox
27th April 2007, 06:06 AM
Right..April was a pretty ugly month for us..

Hey Martin, are you going to keep the FT158 (or does the new board also have cover light wind duties ?)

In the blasting 6.5-7.6 range is your ride style (or anticipated ride style) more flatout speed, or more B&J / jump& jibe oriented ??

## Both these factors will influence the choice of model and size.
(and in some respects also in turn the choice for K97 etc)

Cheers ~ Ian

27th April 2007, 12:30 PM
Hi Ian

Yes, at this stage I plan to keep the FT158 - for at least one more season - and the 6.5-7.6 board prime focus will be for speed, leaving the smallest board for B&J duty.

Thanks - Martin

Ian Fox
28th April 2007, 05:26 AM
Hi Martin.

Considering all the above, inc the K97 - then the best option will be the iS111.
FT158 - iS111 - K97

Inconsistant winds will be more manageable (read : more fun) on iS than ST (ST prefers to more powered for it's size/volume than iS .
iS122 will be probably more demanding in 6.5 powered choppy conditions than most riders consider enjoyable (although if it's minor lake chop not so bad.. and in general 122 has far more top end wind range than expected ) - The iS111 "sizes" (practical ride size, not volume) bigger than the ST in terms of larger sail carrying capacity, thus allowing you to sweetspot the 6.5-7.7m sail range neatly with iS111 whereas on ST115 you might find the 7.5 range a bit marginal.

Please let us know if you've any more questions etc.

Cheers ~ Ian

28th April 2007, 07:37 AM
Hi Ian

Thanks for the advice - much appreciated.