View Full Version : new set options: your 50 cents are appreciated ..as it will be my 1500 usd that i am gonna spend

24th April 2007, 06:59 PM
use to be a waver, now flatwater because of a new habitat, so need a new set..

windconditions 3 to 4 on a medium day and 4-5 on a good day. wind is non consistent (gusty) because it is thermic -- lake silvaplana in switzerland

weight 75 kg only !

i do freeride and dont like to be underpowered

sail-choises: 8 or 8,5 low end camber + 7 m2 no-cam freeride + 6.0 powerwave
board needs to take an 8,0 m2 low end easy. will the S-Type 126 do that?
my wave history tells me the sweetspot is usually 0,5 lower as advertised , in the case of the stype 126 it is 8m2
other options are the rocket 69 that is advertised to take 8,5 m2 and has the same width.

your 50 cents are appreciated ..as it will be my 1500 usd that i am gonna spend ;)

25th April 2007, 04:27 AM
Go back to waves !

Del Carpenter
25th April 2007, 12:05 PM
95% or more of my direct experience is from flatwater lakes. But 75% or more of my reading is about wave sailing and wave sailors.

1. Wave sailing and flatwater sailing use similar equipment but they are two different sports. They are as different, perhaps more different than downhill skiing compared with cross-country skiing.
2. Flatwater sailing on a lake can be enjoyed in much lighter winds, so be careful to not cut yourself off from most of the possible sailing days. Get a board that is wide enough or long enough you can sail in Force 2 or even Force 1 conditions.
3. Generally lakes do not have winds that last all day at one speed. You might often have days with winds that range from Force 2 to 4 several times on the same day. Please think a lot about how gusty the winds are on your lake. You can handle the gusts, but I'm afraid the lulls last much longer than you might expect. I think you'll want a much larger or longer board than an S-126.
4. Some weather forecasting websites also include records of what the weather conditions were on each day for several years. If the sites that cover Lake Silvaplana do that, spend some time looking at how much the wind changed during particular days.

My 50 cents....as a wave sailor you could easily handle an old longboard. If you can have more than one board, get an old longboard and have a large shortboard for your second board. If you must have only one board, get a hybrid such has a Starboard Phantom or an older longboard.

Enjoy your new set and be glad windsurfing can be enjoyed on waves or flatwater.

25th April 2007, 03:14 PM
ST126 might very well fit the bill. 3-4 will still be a bit weak. 4-5 fine.

You might still want to consider an iS111 or similar, ecspecially when not wanting to be "underpowered". Actually if you want the punch you should go for a iS111-133. Tail width will give you a fast ride in slow condiditons.

26th April 2007, 01:22 AM
As Dels post and the post after indicate, it all depend on what you want to do on th water. To get max time on water, a longboard or hybrid makes sense and >I find that type os sailing kind of fun too. However, I wouldn't want that type of board as my only board - I rahter go for something higher strung. Beign a wave sailor myself, I can't gove that much advice, but I do sail a lot on lakes to, and the flat water sailing that has brought the most excitement to me lately has been slalom type sailing with the iS101 I have. Even that board plane pretty early and whats maybe more important, it really takes off even when you're not that powered up. So you'll be getting lots of excitement in your sailing. An iS111 would surely take 8.0 at your weight. 7.5 is no worries on the 101 at my 70 kilos. I don't know how a 6.0 wave sail would work on the iS though, so maybe it's worth loosing some of the top end and upwind and get a S-type as you're thinking. I can't personally comment on them though.

13th May 2007, 07:57 PM
hi just letting you know i bought an tabouu rocket 64 which takes a 7,5 with ease for lightwind planing and a 6 mter for the tuffer jobs.
thanks 4 input though