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24th April 2007, 08:17 PM
Hoi Ian,

I sailed with my new warp 9.9 2007 on the isonic 135, 2006
The wind was marginal ( could plane sometimes)
I couldent tune the combination sail/ board
It felt if the sail pulled me towards the nose of the board all the time.
My front leg bent and my back leg streched.

I sailed with a 56 cm fin.
i way 90 kg

do you know the problem?


greetings from holland


Ian Fox
27th April 2007, 03:29 AM
Hi Erik,

You are really at the upper limit of balanced/practical sail size for that board for 90kg rider, so it's not unexpected that as you drift from sub planing to marginal powered, the trim of the board will not feel as balanced as on smaller rigs, or even when you are able to lock the 9.9m rig back on the board and plane consistantly in those conditions.

Adding some little extra downhaul on the sail may help reduce the rig pitching (pulling forward) action, obviously also reducing some early planing "grunt" from the sail that would otherwise be helping get you onto the plane.

Refining your light wind stance to a more rear oriented lightwind position (trying to sail more off the back rather than side of the board- also ensuring boom height and harness line length/position are OK) may also help the trim in this mode.

Cheers ~ Ian