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29th April 2007, 01:17 PM
Hi Ola,

Decided on the Hot Sails over the Ezzy and just trying to work out the final details! I will get a 400 and 430 Hot Rods
I'm 70kg and want sails to suit 07 PA74, 07 Evo80, Kombat 96 and Kona.

I'm fairly keen on choosing a quiver that gives the biggest sweet spot size for each board, so...

6.3 Smack or SuperFreak as biggest on Kombat and perfect all round sail for Kona.
Thinking that maybe the SF being so light would be more fun on the Kona, may even sneak it onto the Evo with a big fin - I'd imagine the 6.3 Smack on the Evo would be a pretty pointless exercise.
5.5 or 5.8 Smack as biggest on Evo and good on Kombat and Kona.
Smack 5.0 for everything - biggest for PA74.
Smack 4.5 or SO 4.7 high wind.

(Already have a Naish Force 4.2 and Ezzy 370 mast which is still perfect as smallest)

So the query is really regarding the biggest and smallest, tempting to keep the Smacks running through to the 4.5 so the feel is the same but also tempting to have the total "flat" depower of the SO and also the super locked in feel for high wind choppy B+J on the PA74.

Any thoughts would be most welcome.


30th April 2007, 03:21 AM
That's a lot of variables there. I think optimizing the sail sizes for all boards is very good thinking. But to do that one needs to think a bit about what conditions one sails also. If we start looking at the PA74, this boards will easily handle 5.3 at 70 kilo (similar weight as me btw, so I have personal experience that is probably relevant to your situation). So, you're "free" to choose between 5.0 and 5.3 as the biggest sail for the smallest board. Since you allready have the 4.2, a 4.2-4.7-5.3 setup seems logical.

If we look at the EVO 80, I've sailed it with a 6.3 with a bigger fin (25 or even 26 Drake Natural) and that actually is pretty OK. But you're right in that a 6.3 Smack would probeably overpower it a bit. I used the 6.3 Diva/Dawg which is a very nice sail but with the Kombat in the quiver there are not many situation where you need to "overpower" the E80 like that. A 5.8 Smack is plenty powerful and and definitely much more in the Sweet spot for the E80.

I have not sailed the K96, only the K87. But based on that, I would say the K96 must easily take a bigger sail than 6.3 if you want to maximize planing time. Even on the smaller K87, 6.3 is very well within the sweet spot. I tried a 7.0 Fluid which is a pretty powerful sail on the 87 and that worked but was kind of boarderline. On the 96, 7.0 would certainly work (with the right fin). I have a superfreak 7.0 that I unfortunately never got to try on the K87, but that sail is much more manouver oriented than anything else in that size. Downside is that you will need a 460 mast. I imagine the SF 7.0 would make a great sail for the Kona too though. So its definitely something to think about. A 5.8-7.0 gap would probably work without problems since this is in a wind range where things are not super critical.

As for the 4.5 (or 4.7) being Smack or SO, its hard to say. On a wave, its pretty much a style thing. The Smack alway give you a bit more power, but as I wrote in the other thread, since the power is a bit "elastic" the sail still helps you draw a smoth bottom turn. In a sense maybe even more so than the more on/off SO. But the SO has its merits too, so again, hard to say. Having the same sail through a big part of the range is generally good though, so I would say getting the 4.5/4.7 Smack would be my choice in your situation. I would also say a Smack is actually a more natural "locked in blaster sail" than the SO. The SO may handle more wind, but the Smack still handles more wind than you can generally hold down a (wave) board down in comfortably.

So, I would choose:
4.7-5.3-5.8 Smack and 7.0 SF.
You could go for 6.3 SF instead, but that sail is only marginally more powerful than the 5.8 Smack trimmed for max bottom end. Then it would maybe make more sense to forget about the special SF feel and go for a more powerful 6.3 or 6.5 - why not the 6.5 Fluid which would suit the K96 great if you like some more locked in blasting.

You do seem a bit found of having a 5.0 though (and I don't blaim you since I am too). With a 5.0, the next sail down would be 4.5 which is kind of close to the 4.2 Naish (but you could always change that for a 4.0 SO later...). So, 4.5-5.0 and then....5.8? While 5.0-5.8 is not a super big gap, for me it is in practice a bit to big since I sail so much in this wind range and since the conditions can change so much here (I even have 5.0 and 5.3 and then used to jump to 6.3). Maybe a 5.5 Smack would be a better choice (but I have not sailed that size myself)? But then you need a bigger sail as biggest on the 80 and my suggestion is then a Spyclone 5.9, Diva 6.3 or Fluid 6.0.

Well, lots of variables here. Maybe you can give some feedback on these thought and maybe elaborate some more on what kind of sailing you do on the different boards.


30th April 2007, 05:54 AM
Hi Ola,

Thanks for the great reply. You have gone through the same process that I went through before I posted the question. Initially I had thought 6.5 Fluid, 5.8, 5.3, 4.8 Smacks. Then I looked at the SuperFreak mini site and was once again seduced by the colour and "soul"! I also always have this nagging - I really like 5.0m sails thing, the last two quivers I have gone the 5.3 to 4.5 jump and have decided that it misses my favourite size. If I could only have one sail without doubt I would get a 5.0.

I agree with the 7.0 SF idea, was just trying to avoid another mast but it really would be perfect for the Kona and probably fine for the Kombat.

Your reply has confirmed that I'm not completely mad, just a bit indecisive. Thanks again, I'll keep making lists!