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8th May 2007, 01:20 AM
So, I finally got the Gemini we ordered. It took Trident Sports two attempts to drop ship a board without it getting damaged it in the process. The first wasn't double boxed. I'm not positive this would have saved board #1 after seeing the damage. Board #2 arrived without a scratch on the box even. #1 & #2 were shipped with different carriers. I have a lot of faith in UPS Freight after the customer service I received with board #2. They contacted me the day it shipped to be sure their information was correct!

Oh, yeah, this is an on-the-water report...

The board arrived on Friday and my wife and I went to a local lake Saturday for a test run.

(1) The board is long ... 12 feet 2.5 inches. My trailer is 12 feet long internally, so the board doesn't fit in the trailer without some simple modifications.

(2) The board is heavy ... 50 pounds actually. Get the foot straps on the board regardless if you need them. By using the back straps for the forward sailor, I can hoist the board up and over my head to get it on the car myself. It reminds me of the wide Windsurfer Classics they made for the windsurf schools except those were 65 pounds. I was surprised how easy it is to carry the Gemini. You hold on to the back footstrap of the front person and the centerboard handhold.

(3) I had already sailed the Gemini with Roger last Fall, so I knew I liked it. My wife hadn't even seen one yet. She had a blast. It was her second time out for the season so she wasn't in shape for a long sail. Still, we managed to sail for 30 minutes in very light winds (so light you get tired holding the sail up).

(4) Tacking can be very funny to watch. The person in back should expect to drop his/her sail in order for the front person to get his/her sail around. Not that big of a deal, but just something to be aware of. I'm planning on learning a heli tack in order to get around this.

(5) The board is super stable. My wife only fell off once due to a wind shift. The other time she almost fell off, I managed to stabilize the board and help her recover. At one point, she crouched down and I walked around her without tipping us over.

The goal of getting the Gemini was being able to get out together. That goal was accomplished completely. We definitely didn't break any speed barriers, but for teaching someone how to sail, it is perfect.

I'll report more as we progress to planing conditions and on to harness lines.


8th May 2007, 03:16 AM
i bet i can guess who shiopped your 1st gemini...the same people who have shipped our boards and we have gotten more then a few things damaged ...:(

8th May 2007, 04:06 AM
Whoever it was, I'm not happy they didn't treat my board with care. Based on the type of damage I saw, three things happened... they either tried to move the beast with a forklift and dropped it on something, they ran something else into it, or it moved around in the truck. The dealer I bought it through was very good in getting it remedied. He even negotiated a huge discount with Trident Sports if I took the damaged one and got it fixed myself. I wasn't interested in having to go through the hassle of getting it fixed though, so I opted for a 2nd board to be shipped. The 2nd board was handled with more care by the carrier for sure, and was packaged more carefully. Both contributed to a better end result.

There is nothing worse than getting all excited when a brown box arrives only to find that the contents are damaged. In a few years, the extra month we had to wait will be totally forgotten and replaced with some very good memories of my wife and me sailing together and me teaching my nephews to sail.

8th May 2007, 06:57 PM
is that trident U.S. ??? same thing happened to me i think the warehouse end of things is rough .. ended up with a "start" damaged big time, same thing looked like a forklift hit it , must be a disgruntled employee...so much for good help these days. i sdo dhave to say the shipper did pay quite a bit out o us, we kept the board and it sites here still, repaired but no one wants a repaired board.
gee to bad ,your in the states they could have shipped to me and i would have fixed it ... shipped and bought at a discount of course :o

8th May 2007, 09:59 PM
Yes it is Trident, but I doubt that it was damaged on their end... why would they send it?! That's just ridiculous. I figure it happened somewhere along the way. Seattle to North Carolina is a long way for something to travel by truck.

As for getting it repaired, the shipping would cost more than the repair! I didn't want that hassle... and then you would have to ship it back to me and we run the risk of more damage.

This is my wife's first experience with a new windsurfing board. She's convinced that the Gemini is fragile now and is worried about how we store it and even use it.

I'm fine with the distributor and retailer and how they handled the situation. I now have to figure out how to convince my wife that the Gemini is durable enough to be used. Silly since I see it as at least three times more durable than my iSonic. Comparing the Gemini to my AHD's, it makes the AHD's look like egg shells.

10th May 2007, 04:26 AM
How much does the Gemini cost and where do you buy it?

10th May 2007, 08:33 AM
I get 90% of my gear from Isthmus Sailboards. Gary has always been a great retailer for me. I bought it with a bunch of other stuff, so I have a much larger number burned into my wallet. I suggest calling up Gary or your favorite Starboard dealer and ask them. I would hate to be quoting the wrong number... I could be remembering it wrong.

30th June 2009, 08:45 AM
o2bnme: How did the Gemini work out for you and your wife? My wife and I are considering getting one ... but I've never even seen one to date. I'm used to sailing Starts (in the straps and harness), and my wife is used to a Go board (planing occasionally, but no straps or harness), so we're wondering if we're likely to have fun together on a Gemini.