View Full Version : iSonic 133 or 122 ???

15th May 2007, 10:19 AM
I'm 30, weight 80kg, 179 cm, sail for 3 years.

current gear:
JP Xcite ride 150, Severne SSR (2003) 8.5m, NP V8 7.5, Mauisail Pursuit 6.0m

footstrap ok, learning jibes and I'm almost there (to complete a jibe, not with good exit speed)

10~15 knots most of the time, flat water in summer, lil 1/2 mast height wave in winter.

I'm thinking to get the iSonic as my second step board. my friend is riding a 122L iSonic, and he said the board is amazing with most of the volume on the back of the board, which makes the board feel like a 130L board with a lot of float. (he is a really light weight sailor, 60kg, 5.5ft tall).

here's my questions:

*should I get 133L or 122L?
*the 122L is longer than 133L, the homepage mentioned the 122L got better fin drive and improved release (frankly I have no idea what that is), does it matter?
*does the above matters (length, the fin drive thing) affects the speed?
*should I understand that 122L and 133L is a different design? how does it work?

thanks for your help!!! ^^; I wish there would be a 128L iSonic in 2008....:D


15th May 2007, 01:53 PM
The extra length is an advantage when you want better passive planing performance (just stand still and hold your rig to get planing). The isonic 133 had the extra width and with some more active pumping you will plane a little bit earlier.

I (190cm - 90kg) use my isonic 133 only with 8.7 en 7.5 and I think you don't have to try to use smaller sails on it. If your are willing to use your 6.0 I would chose for the isonic 122.

16th May 2007, 09:36 AM

thanks for your help. the wind in the beach we are sailing is not always good, that's why I'm thinking a bigger good could help me get out and back to the beach in one piece. (sometimes I gotta sail for 30 mins in 5 knot with 1/2 Mast wave before i get some good wind....)