View Full Version : Fin size to match 9.5 on iS133??

16th May 2007, 02:05 PM
Weight 83kg, want earliest possible planing. Which fin size (approx. depends of course on many things etc.etc.etc. but still give insight to experience with iS133 and larger fins) would match 9.5 without being too big?

16th May 2007, 11:42 PM
From Starboard's product site, it appears that the board comes with 2 fins. The larger of the two should be a 48cm fin, and I would tend to think that it should work well matched with a 9.5 sail. You could go a bit larger, say like a 50cm, if you goal is planing in the very lightest of winds, but its likely that this larger size would limit your speed potential as the wind picks up.

What I would recommend is experimenting a bit with the 48cm to see how well it works with the 9.5. I would try to discern whether you can readily feel the lift of fin while in the straps. Also, you might want to determine your potential for spinout. If you can spinout fairly easily pushing hard to windward, it's a sign that you could very likely benefit from a larger fin. Lastly, I found that if the sail feels like it lacks power and a lively character, moving to larger fin can often resolve this, as the fin and sail must provide a good balance together to be effective.

18th May 2007, 02:06 PM
does anybody use a larger fin on their iS133?

18th May 2007, 04:57 PM
For iS145 I use 60cm Select Ultra fin. For light wind its not too big.

20th May 2007, 09:29 PM

With a 9.5 sail, the stock 48 cm fin is spot on. If you want earliest planing in lowest possible wind, I would go for a 50-52 cm fin, no more. RĂ©mi is using a SL2 52 cm fin with 10 m2 sail for low wind slalom racing (10-15 knots of wind if I recall accurately).

I've been using a 54 cm fin with a 10.6 sail for earliest planing as of 7 knots of wind with my 65 kg. In 9-12 knots of wind, the stock 48 cm fin is fine once well to overpowered with my 10.6 sail.

Cheers !