View Full Version : iS133 fin sizes

20th May 2007, 02:07 PM
fin size range described as 36-48
tail width 54.8
sail range 6.5-10.0

In the '07 line up supplied fins and recommended fins have change quite a bit compared to '06 (e.g STs, ST104 '06 was delivered with a 290, now with a 360, K86 with a 300, K87 with a 260)

I'm going to receive my iS133 end of the week and would still like to get an additional fin (should that make sense).

- wasn't there a rule of thumb, fin size till max tail width?
- fins so different between the years?
- shouldn't a Slalom Pro 52 fit the iS133 with a 9.5 well for early planing (8-12kts)? Shouldn't it help early planing? Maybe you could supply a bit of background information an this subject ('07 boards, tails widths vs. fin sizes, especially for the iS133)?


20th May 2007, 09:19 PM

For iSonic 133, I've found the stock 48 cm fin to be pretty optimal when well to overpowered with my 10.6 sail. Once underpowered or for earliest planing, a 54 cm fin is better.

With a 9.5 sail, I would say a 48 cm fin is spot on. If you really want early planing in lowest possible wind, I would go up to 50-52 cm max, no more, otherwise drag starts to kick in and will limit the top speed with your sail.

Cheers !