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20th May 2007, 09:49 PM
Planning on going to Hawaii for about 5 months, but not sure which island would be the best and which 5 months would bring me most winds.

About myself:
- Intermediate sailor
- No wave experience, but coming to Hawaii to learn it: low to middle high-waves would be best I think.

Any other information on Hawaii would be great ofcourse!

Thanks in advance!

20th May 2007, 11:11 PM
B)NO question, Maui is by far the best for windsurf and the most windy. This is were all the Pro goes for training. You will be able to start practicing at Kanaha Beach Park (super safe to learn and make progress), and depending on your progress try Camp One and Spreckelsville and may be for the last month Hookipa.
Best to find a accomodation on the Northshore: in Paia or Haiku.
Best time of the year: between may and october.
You will find information on the link below:


Have fun

21st May 2007, 12:15 PM

Thanks for the reply, but I'm not able to find any rooms for rent (I'm staying over for more than 4.5 months, a hotel won't suffice!) on these websites: you know a good website for that?

Renting windsurf gear won't be necessary, I will buy my stuff there and sell it afterwards.

If you know a website specialised for rental rooms on Hawaii I'd be very grateful!


P.S. Your period is the exact opposite of what a Hawaiian friend of mine says. He says that for waves & wind I should come over around November and leave around April, anyone that has more information about this?

21st May 2007, 01:33 PM
It is windy more or less every day in Maui in the summer. The waves are smallish, and suitable to learn on.
In the winter the waves are a lot bigger, and the wind is fickle. The reality is that it may well be weeks without wind.
For 5 months it may make sense to start in the summer and stay into the fall (July-November?).

22nd May 2007, 07:58 AM
i would recommend just showing up on maui, get a month stay in a hostel then watch the notice boards at mana foods and classifieds for cheap rentals in paia, kuau or haiku, or cheaper in pukalani.
there's no way to guarantee 5 consecutive months of wind and waves on maui. spring and fall are both good, spring maybe a bit better. if you want to surf without wind then overlap your stay into winter, if you would prefer high wind, flat water freetyle or slalom sailing then stay for part of the summer.

there are zero waves in the summer and high wind everyday, that's the weather that's most consistent over there.