View Full Version : S_Type 137 hi wind control versus Carve

31st May 2007, 10:05 PM

i am looking to change my carve 122 for a S-type. I fuond an S-type wood 2006 137 lt.
I am 84 kg and i will use it with this sail: severne c2 7.5 and a lotf 6.2

My other board is a Fanatic freewave 88lt and so i will use it with the small sail 5 and 4.3.

For early planning s-type is better, isn't it?

I dont know, do you think is too large range from the two bords?

I am sure i will earn in light wind but what abuot i wind control of the s-type

do you think should be better an 126?



5th June 2007, 01:23 AM
7.5 .. 6.2 == 14-22kts ??
ST137 & 7.5 / 6.2 flattish water == control
ST137 & 7.5 / 6.2 waves == pilot license required (you might hit low flying air planes)

you didnt say how much wind...