View Full Version : speed of IS 122 vs smaller versions

6th June 2007, 04:11 AM
I'm about to buy I Sonic 122 as my med to light wind board. I'm 190m/92kgs and will primary sail in 12-15kts with 9m.

Is 122 a good choice for mentioned condition?
Can 122 be as fast as 111 or smaller versinons (in adequate conditions)?
Has enybody sailed more than one I Sonic and what were the fastest runs on them?
would you suggest not 122 but some other option?



mark h
7th June 2007, 06:12 AM
Hi vj
Not the team, but would almost certainly say that in 12/15k & 9m the iS122 will quickest. Add another 3 or 4 knots and the advantage would switch to the iS111. Smaller iS's with a 9m would'nt work to well with a 9m.