View Full Version : iSonic 70ish board

11th June 2007, 03:43 PM
Has anybody got any info on the dimensions of the (I heard) soon to be released iSonic 70ish liter board?
I think that the last slalom board with that type of volume made by Starboard was the 2001 Sonic 52, a fabulous board (I was using it yesterday with a Goldwing 25 and a TR-1 5.1), and a board of that size has been missing in the Starboard offering ever since.

I can't wait to hear and read about it in detail.


mark h
11th June 2007, 08:29 PM
Me too. I'v been hanging on to my three 05 Sonics unitil the 08 iS are announced. I also want the iS70 has a "real world" speed board. Hoped someone might have seen something in Maui during the recent photo shoot.