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19th June 2007, 02:00 AM
I recently acquired the F161 and are having a hard time finding a suitable screw to use for the chicken strap. I have contacted the Trident folks and twice they sent the wrong sized screw. I would assume it has to be approx 10-15 MM longer than the stock screw (100). Can you advise as to where can I source these.



Ian Fox
20th June 2007, 01:04 PM
Hi PR,

To utilise the chicken strap option, the stock (100mm) screw should not be too far off the correct length (using stock TT fin or similar insert depth). Most guys discard the front rubber surround safety washer (itself a couple of mm thick) and insert the fin screw into the strap end (internally, under the strap end cover, as per normal deck insert fixing)
using just the standard flat (disk) washer. Overall, once cinched that adds only a couple of mm extra height (required screw length) overall.
Should work fine - although with no instant access to a 161 today that's not finitely tested.

M6 x 110 - 120- 130 mm are not common spares for the wider range of TT boxes, but are in principle supported as spares under the 2007 Hybrid Race and Gemini product programs. In many locations around the world, it's also easy/er to access M6 screws through hardware, marine chandlery etc, however in the US most of the stainless ranges near this size are still based on the US 1/4 x 20TPI system (which won't cheer you up but at least you know).

Dunno what size Trident sent you, but after all this if it remains a problem please advise your details via PM and we'll arrange to send a replacement 110mm to you.

Cheers ~ Ian

21st June 2007, 12:14 AM
Hi Prsurf,

You might want to contact Big Winds or The Gorge Shop in Hood River, Oregon. I should also point out that Big Winds is a Starboard dealer. While visiting the Gorge, I was able to pick up a variety of longer M6 screws at these shops with a Phillips head configuration.

Earlier, in my local area at a speciality hardware company, I was able to get some longer M6 screws, but they had Allen head configurations, which meant that I always had to keep track of little Allen tools. Kind of a pain, and they're also subject to corrosion.