View Full Version : Other question about Isonic 155 lt.

20th June 2007, 12:12 AM
I have other question about the choice of the correct bord; now I have a Formula 147 Lt. (2003) with fin select custom 70 cm. and sail Neyl Pride Rs (2003) 11 mq. and I am usually sailing in Serre Poncon Lake; my skill is above average (83 Kg.) but the problem is that when the wind grouw up to 20 knots the board became difficult and I am very tired to sail in these condition.
I am thinking to change the FW 147 lt and the N. Pryde 11 mq. with the new Isonic 155 lt. with N. Pride Rs 6 10,8 mq. Do you think that these changes will make really benefits in terms of more easy sailing and speed? And how much I will loose in terms of early planning? Do the Isonic 155 lt. suitable with fin Drake 66 cm.? Thank You for the cooperation.