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26th June 2007, 10:48 PM

My biggest sail now is a 7.5 freeride. I want to try to get out in even lighter wind with the GO 170. I blast from 12-18 knots with this 7.5, but it's often 10 knots of winds here. The idea is to get a larger sail.

It's lot of cheap formula sails around here, while the larger freeride sails are harder to find second hand. Would the GO 170 work with a 9.5-10.0 formula sail? I am concerned the smaller formula sails, 9.5-10.0, are much hassle and have little low end power compared to the 9.0-10.0 freerides?

Or do I have to look more at the battens and specs to figure this out? Will a KA formula 9.5 with 3 cams work better than north warp 10.0 with 5 cams for example?


mark h
27th June 2007, 05:00 AM
Hi Ricjk
Your G170 will work fine with a formula sail as long as you match it up with a larger fin. To keep things as simple as possible (and if your not racing), avoid sails like the NP RS4 onwards, NS warp 2004 onwards. Sails like the Gaastra Nitro, Tush Formula & Mauisails TR1/2 are easier to rig as the cams usually stays on the mast whilst rigging, also, there easier to water start with. The KA Formula will feel less "full on" with its 3 cams compaired with the Warp.


27th June 2007, 03:14 PM
Hi Ricjk,

I have proved that old GO friendship (~175 ltrs) work very well with my 10m overdrive rig. so easy.

I disagree that old race sails (nitros, etc.) with their 4/5 cambers and moderate sleeve will be easy... it is only easy to find cheap at second hand marked.... no more.

Freerace sails, with 2/3 cambers and "snap-on" rigging technique would be the best you can find, but if you arent plenty of money, look for a old Nitro, NP RS1/2/3 etc.

Modern freerace sails are almost as good as pure-race sails, more durable, easy rig, etc.

Maybe jump from 7,5 to 10m is more than you "recreational" skill can accept. Try first with a 8,5m-9m freerace sail (V6, V8, Overdrive, Element, Swift, GTX...)

Maybe you can do it ussing the same mast / boom.

But if you find a cheap used 10m rig, go for it, try it and the decide which kind/size of rig you need.

Good luck,


27th June 2007, 05:24 PM

Whats your weight Ricjk ?
I(95 kg) still have a GO 180, model before the friendship,( 280 X 80)
And I still use it sometimes with 10,4 Nitro 3 and 66 cm DEB R13, works fine. Problem is, older 9-10,5 m2 formula sails are for highwind use. So for sailing on the light edge(8-10 kn) your weight, and wind quality and skill is important.
If you are >85 kg, a modern freerace, like Overdrive, GTX,V8 in a 10m2 size, or a 11m2 formula sail.
<85 kg, a 9,8-10,5 m2 formulasail does the job.
the older Nitros&#39; are real flat sails, no grunt, but fast and stabel in poweret up konditions.
Maybe you can save money on older formula sails, but remember, you do NEED the right C 100 % mast, and 260-300 cm carbon boom.
Freerace sails, like the overdrive work fine with 75 % C masts, and shorter booms.
Dont know the KA.

Have fun