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11th July 2007, 08:09 AM
I ask this question because I couldn't find a good answer on older forums from 2006 and below sites

I know this is probabbly goin to sound liike the usual quiver questione but ah... and I guess it is...

I have a hypersonic 111 and love it. it is my only board next to 105 fanatic bee... I tend to use hypersonic more than bee... I never use bee anymore. I have 7.5 down to a 5.7 sails and I love hyper.

I would be liking to get more lightwind performance out of my hyper. what would people tell me to get as next sail up? i would be liking to get sometin that rigs on 490 caause I is having one already... what is people recommending?

Also, I is sailing in uh bumpy conditions... and would like to maybe have hypersonic uh... sit down in the water more? would a smaller fin get me this? I use the smaller fin that came with hyper. I have wave sail as my 5.8 and the hyper is handlingg it good. but I find it is bouncy.

what is everyone finding the ideal sail with two thousand fore hypersonic? i is sailing mostly in around 10-18 knts and is mostly using 7.5 and 6.6 but is liking to go out on less windier days if possible.. i find the hypersonic very early skimmer above the surface (planning?) with right technique...

sorry my english is very not good...

tank you alot,


11th July 2007, 08:37 AM
Hi georio,

One thing that might be helpful is a little bit more information about your 490 mast. Sails today are quite mast dependent, so some detail here might help you get the best advice for a large sail.

11th July 2007, 11:15 AM
"hyper is handlingg it good. but I find it is bouncy"

Probably because it is WIDE. Why not buy a smaller board for 5.8 conditions?

11th July 2007, 10:26 PM
mast dependant? it say on bottom of mast 30$ carbon/29/490... is this 490 mast?

also, i think when I go fast, the board just giving too much up power (lift???) with the fins... so maybe smaller fin might be of helps.

thanks you very much for help!


12th July 2007, 01:14 AM
Hi georio,

From your comment above, you have provided part of the needed information concerning your mast. Indeed, it is a 490 mast with an IMCS stiffness of 29 that is made that with 30% carbon, and as such, it can be considered an entry level recreational mast.

However, there is another element that's quite important here, and that would be the manufacturer or brand of the mast. Sails these days can be very mast dependent, and this is evidenced by different sail designers electing to use specific mast requirements with varying construction layups which can ultimately result in differing bend curves. This can mean that one brand of sail may or may not work well with just any given mast. That is why most every sail designer recommends a specific mast (usually their company's own brand) to match with their sails for optimum results. Also, within a company's mast line, the level of performance, weight and durability possible is directly related to carbon content. Highest carbon content is best for performance and weight, but somewhat less durable if misused.

So, with your 30% carbon mast, you would be focusing on recreational sails. While you could invest in more expensive sails, like multi-cambered race sails, you just wouldn't be getting the level of performance possible. Kind of like buying a high performance sports car and matching it up with entry level price point (lower grade) tires.

So what sail brand would be best suited to your mast? Knowing the mast brand would help a lot in answering this question.

14th July 2007, 11:29 AM
Yes there has been a lot said on the forums over the years about using small fins. With its deep double concaves you will find that the 340 fin that came with the board is too much for even a 6.6m sail let alone a 5.8. Think sub 30 cm slalom (upright) fins. Any deficiencies in sailing technique are magnified by HS in windspeeds over 20 knots.