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carl macdonald
15th July 2007, 07:29 PM

I should receive my isonic 50 speed board tomorrow and am wondering which bigger isonic i should get? I am 76kgs and sail rs racing 6.7m and 5.8m and sail flattish water lakes. I am into speed and am wondering which is the better choice - isonic 87. 94 or 101? Keeping in mind this will be my biggest board i ride in 12 + knots. Any advise would be appreciated.



mark h
16th July 2007, 01:10 AM
Hi Carl
Maybe its best to play it safe and go with the middle one, iS94. At 76kg, the iS50/6.7m combo should be good in winds from about 20 knots upwards. For lower weight sailor, the iS101 might feel big with a 5.8/6.7m and the iS87 will be to small in 12 knot winds. iS94/6.7m be good from 13/14 knots with the right fin.

I'm around 105kg and use the older Sonic 100/7.6m warp in 15 knot winds and upwards.

I guess the choice is down to what the most common winds our, nearer to 12k most of the time (iS101) or nearer to iS50 conditions (iS87) or a bit of both (iS94).

Hope you get sorted, cheers

16th July 2007, 03:28 PM
As a Sonic 95 owner, and assuming the iS94 is quite close to that, I can say the good thing with those boards is the "small board" feel combined with big range and the ability to carry big(gish) sails.