View Full Version : isonic 101 malfunction-contact details needed

19th July 2007, 04:28 PM
One month ago I have purchased the above mention board |(isonic 101)from your dealer in Greece.

Unfortunately during my forth use, under normal conditions, the board was broken exactly were the screw of the foot strap is attached on it. The board is new and I cannot consider this event to be a result of improper use, as I had no accidental falls/abuse/ collisions/ or whatever similar that could what so ever justify such an incident. So I consider that the board was a malfunction one.

I have already contacted your Greece dealer about my case as I have also sent an analytic email to info@star-board.com but I have not get any feedback. I have also tried to call Thailand office but I always get a voice message and after asking to be connected with the operator I get a message that I cannot understand (not in English) and then the line gets disconnected. Then I tried to send a private message but I got a message that the message box of the admin is full.Trying to feel in the relative form but still no luck(web page not found after cliking on send)...

Is there any other e-mail or telephone that I could use, or any info about were should I address my case?

Ian Fox
20th July 2007, 06:51 AM
Hi Prigpas,

Please send me your name/contact details via PM (my message box is functional) and we will ensure that the matter is investigated ASAP.

Please also understand that this does not bypass the normal warranty process.

In all warranty cases, it's important for the dealer (retailer) and
country importer/distributor to be involved in all warranty claims,
so please make them your primary source of contact.

Thanks ~ Ian