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23rd July 2007, 11:32 AM
Anyone have any in depth reviews or comments about the Phantom 301? I have/had a Kona and have sold it to a newbie. Time for me to get a new board for light wind cruising, should I get another Kona? Or is the Phantom worthy???

Very little talk or chatter about this board, so not sure what it is all about. Any owners or fans wish to give me a heads up good & bad, pros and cons, if/where it excells and its weaknesses???

Give me some info please. My Kona was my first non *board in 10 years. Still have my FS, HS & C *boards, bought and sold many starts to newbies, I am trying to grow the sport in small ways. Our BONC group is now around 65+ strong.



26th July 2007, 12:31 AM
Found some decent photos, but believe it was changed to a full EVA deck is this true? Also does it have a custome universal or what is the size of the thread on the mast box adjustable carrage? Does the mast box have a tee track so I could install a standard two bolt chinook base plate and circumnaviagate the adjesment carriage all together?

Need a few answers here, as try before you buy is normally not an option for us North Coasters, give me the skinny, anyone? Buehler?


BONC says...
...RIDE ON???

26th July 2007, 10:46 AM
Hi Brad,
Yes the production Phantom 302 has a nearly full EVA deck.
The mast box car takes a fairly unique pin, and since I don't have the production version mine doesn't have an 8mm thread in the car, but the production boards might.
There is no "T" track, but you could easily make a big plate nut that would serve the same purpose (or a pair of special "T" nuts for a 2 bolt base).
Hope this helps,

31st July 2007, 08:44 AM
I also could'nt find much forum talk about this board from any owners. Before I bought I looked at many board's specs of similar types. Where I sail I have to slog out to a wind line and if there's enough, have some planing fun then slog home. This is my third season and this board is perfect for my needs and skill level, so much yet to learn! As far as the specs between the kona and the phantom I wanted to favour the planing more then the slogging so I chose the phantom for it's width and it also just fits my 4x10 foot shed. I don't have enough experiance to give a proper review of this board but Starboards words about it on the Phantom page are bang on. Some where else on the net there were some words to the effect that the Phantom is the board the Bic 293 was supposed to be. Again I have to agree cause I own one, it was my first board. Now to be fair to Bic, the Phantom costs a fair bit more. I like the adjustable mast track, the comfortable deck and the dagger is easy to operate, the board looks great and apears to be well made. If you buy a Phantom I'd like to hear your opinion as you would have experianced both boards. Regardless, after many hours on the net looking at boards I'm very happy in my choice. Good luck with your choice.


1st August 2007, 11:18 PM
Another question on the custom universal. Is it the twin pin system as show at #5:
or is there a Euro-Pin style?

All of my extensions and sail feet are fitted for Euro-Pin, so a twin tip custom universal means this board may be a non-choice?

Let me know.



2nd August 2007, 12:07 AM
Hi Brad,
The UJ that you need is Item #5 on the link.
It comes as an assembly, with the Item #8 adapter installed over
a Euro Pin system, but if you are using Chinook SS Euro Pins you may have to do a little "fitting" (i.e. file the bottom of the adapter a little) as the Chinook system uses a different locking slot height than all the std. Euro pins I've got (North/HPL/Epic Gear).
It's really no problem and I found that a slightly modified very old North "Hardcore" Euro Pin adapter was a better way to go.
I just needed to cut a small notch on the upper front to clear the nuts of some of the mast bases I'm using.
Hope this helps,

16th August 2007, 10:48 PM
So no more Phantom 305, does/did it suck that bad?

Now *board has no direct competitive product to the KONA, the best selling board on the planet last year, not a good sales position to be in, no?

RIDE ON, but on what???

Lots of longboarders in our neck of the woods, and they are normally not looking for a $2000 fragile race machine like the P 380 probably is.

Around here out of 100 sailors 50 have a Longboard in their quiver that is needing replacement, we don't wear out our shortborads as quickly plus everyone has 20 different models of them and we all have a few in the quiver, so where is the sales potential in our area, a lightweight (lighter than the KONA) KONA style, non race dedicated longboard. I would love it to have an EVA deck for freestyling in light winds, which is what LB-ing is all about.

I was hoping *board would build on the P 305 funboard KONA competior and refine the concept, but I guess it is dead :-( I really didn't want to buy another French board, I am in a quandry...

Ellen Faller
16th August 2007, 11:09 PM
I would suggest the large Stand Up Paddle board as an alternative to the Kona, if you are looking for something that can be paddled and sailed in light winds. It sails very much like the old Superlight in light wind, and you can paddle it, or surf with it. You can stick in a centerfin, and there is rubber over a lot of the deck.

17th August 2007, 08:33 AM
My new board is discontinued??? Thats dissapointing. Was it that bad? Guess I bought the wrong board. I think I'll start buying used boards from now on!


17th August 2007, 09:51 AM
But Ellen, not everyone likes the centrefin. If you want to sail in shallow water, it's a drag (literally). If you want to sail upwind at high angles and then plane fast downwind, it's a problem. Lots of times on longboards you want full centreboard upwind and no centreboard downwind, and you can't do that with a centre fin.

The move away from a fixed centreboard (like in the original Windsurfer) was the second development (after small sails) that windsurfing did, I think. Taking us back to something that gives us even fewer options than the very first board ever made seems a bit odd.

Ellen Faller
17th August 2007, 10:23 AM
I don't use the centerfin myself, but it is an option. I don't expect to plane on the SUP. If I want to do upwind/downwind planing, I'll use my Free Formula 138 and an 8.5 sail.
This board is taking me back to doing something that I used to enjoy and that is cruising around on a light wind (<8 mph) day. I don't want the hassle of a longboard, and I can fit the SUP in my van.