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30th July 2007, 02:36 AM
Hi there,

I'm just about to take the plunge and get my first board, however I'm not sure whether to go for the carve 133 or carve 144. I've already trawled through the forum which has been very informative but I need a bit of specific advice. I’m around 80kg and would describe myself as an advanced beginner. Advice to date has come down on the side of the 144,
but the reason I’ve not just gone straight for the 144 is that of all the big beginner-type boards I've tried, I prefer the narrower ones to the wide ones. I appreciate that the 133 will be a bit wobblier and might involve a steeper learning curve but I have a fairly relaxed attitude to that.

Anyway, in the future when (hopefully) my abilities improve I'd like to get a wave board and I'd likely want to keep the carve as a light wind board. From the specs, I see that the 144 can take a slightly bigger sail - would its larger volume and width make it a better suited to light wind days? Basically I want to make the best choice for the long run.



Ian Fox
2nd August 2007, 02:17 PM
Hi Willie,

Dunno why this one slipped off the bottom without reply before now..

Probably a key factor in offering any suggestions in this case is how "advanced" your beginner status is (??) If you are up to basic jibes, and well on the way towards waterstarts, then these boards can be a good next choice (when looking to buy now "for the long run" as you have clearly indicated)

Typical trap is the best board for learning/basic progressing is not the same one that is ideal for advanced progressing, so knowing where your skilss (and attitude to the challenge) are at before casting preferences is always important.

Given your progressive outlook and positive response to the slightly steeper learning curve (on the smaller 133) - and assuming a reasonably even distribution of wind/sailing conditions, then for sure the board of choice for the longer term is the C133, as it will most likely be a more versatile sizing to partner with a wave board (133 providing minimal practical overlap with typical waveboard sizing for 80kg intermediate, 144 maybe gapping a little too far from typical wave board sizing to be practical). Once you progress to wave board stage, you are also more likley to seek/enjoy higher wind (133) conditions.

However, what could bring this undone is if your "light wind" conditions are really quite light. (or if you need more "beginner" stability et cthatn what we factored ) The wider 144 obviously offers (in progressive learning mode) more flotation, more stability and then for ongoing use, it's larger size does handle super light (freeride) conditions and larger sails better.

Another good suggestion could be to talk with some experienced sailors near your location and get their feedback about likely sail sizes and typical conditions that you will spend your sailing time in, all of which will further help narrow the ideal choice..

Hopefully this helps in your plans, if you would like further information, please let us know.

Cheers ~ Ian

2nd August 2007, 07:36 PM
Thanks very much Ian.

I started windsurfing earlier this year and have been able to get out once or twice every week. I'm very keen and have just taken an intermediate course (RYA level 2) which involved learning to use the harness, beachstarting and improving tacks & gybes.

I guess what I want is a board that ultimately I can use in light winds but one which will also allow me to develop all the skills I need before I get a wave board. I can appreciate the merits of both boards - but what I guess I need to decide is whether it is better to have a 'gap' between a wave board and 144 or whether to accept the slightly more limited low wind capabilities of the 133. Assuming I'm still hooked in a few years time and want a board to go out in very light breezes, would a 144 still be suitable or would I need to consider getting a specialist light wind board ? My major goal is developing so I can go out in the waves so the main thing is that the board I get now will get me to this level.

Most of the local sailors I've talked to come down on the side of the 144 and I think that is the way I'm heading at the moment but I'm still open to advice.



4th August 2007, 07:17 AM
Hi Willie
Im about your ability and similar weight (77kg) and I have the C131. The sweet spot for this board I find is about 7.0m sail. I did a few lessons on a 200L start and then got the carve as my first board and it was a great choice. The key thing I believe is the water state in your local spot. The carve 131 is often too much board at my spot when it gets choppy, anything windier than 7.0m conditions. If I had my choice again I would even go Carve 121, as this would handle the chop better in the higher wind range. The carve 131 has plenty of float and can uphaul easily, its not a huge step in stability from a very wide Start 200L or similar. especially if you have some basic tack and gybe skills. My advice is therefore dependent on the wind strength. If local sailors use larger than 7.5m sails regularly, then go C144. If less than that, then definitely go 131.
I have a kombat 96 now too, and its a great combo.