View Full Version : F2 Wave 264 or Starboard Wave 260 ?

1st August 2007, 09:44 PM
I recenltly picked up both boards for free. I'm in the process of learning waterstarts and plan to progress to one of these boards to sail the Gorge in the near future.

Are these o.k to learn waterstarting on or should I stay with 135 litre board for that? Would a 4.2 sail be appropriate for waterstarting in 15 -20 mph? I've decided to drop lessons and learn by DVDs and practice.

F2 is rated at 96 litres and Starboard at 88 litres. I weigh about 200lbs.

If I decide the sell one how much should I ask? They are both about B- condition. Or should I just keep both and sell later (or sail later:) Thanks