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3rd August 2007, 03:03 AM
Watch the national live at the exploritium web cam: http://cams.exploratorium.edu:8010/1/control.html
Follow the event live at:http://2007uswnats.blogspot.com
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2007 US Windsurfing National Championship &
Formula Windsurfing North American Championship
August 7 – 11
Crissy Field, San Francisco, California

Contacts for more information for this press release or photos.
Susan Ruhne, St.Francis Yacht Club Marketing Committee sruhne@yahoo.com
Amy Leenhouts, St. Francis Yacht Club Race Office raceoffice@stfyc.com
Alina Abuzyarova, Event PR Coordinator alinazarr2000@yahoo.com

100 racers from around the world – US National Championship windsurfing events are open to all nationalities and attract many of the world's top ranked professional competitors – Most of the top nationally-ranked amateur competitors are locally based, and look forward to having the best in the world here on their home turf - The Bay Area racing fleet is top in the US - many local racers are past national champions.

· Ages: A strong junior (9-1Cool contingent will be present - part of a
successful ongoing effort by the sport to encourage young talent.
· Also many very competitive older racers: Like local Steve Sylvester,
age 60, who always wins his division, yet is also the top tier overall.

Crissy Field on the San Francisco City Front - One of the premier
windsurfing event sites in the world - Framed by the Golden Gate Bridge
and the backdrop of a dynamic cosmopolitan center - Radical, high-wind,
extremely challenging conditions - Ideal spectator viewing from the
beachside event site. Competitors will rig & launch from the Crissy Field East Beach. Spectators are encouraged to come and meet the sailors.

What & When:
Event Schedule
Updates & daily results can be found at www.stfyc.com
Monday August 6: Registration and tune-up
Tuesday August 7: Racing - appx: 12-5
Wednesday August 8: Racing - appx: 12- 5
Thursday August 9: Racing - appx: 12-5
Friday August 10: Racing - appx: 12-5
Saturday August 11: Racing - appx: 12-5 - Awards Ceremony

Racing Disciplines:
· Course Racing - Like traditional yacht racing with a tactical, strategic battle directly in to the wind.
· Long Distance - A grueling test of stamina and the ability to handle highly variable, extreme conditions as the racers cross distant corners of San
Francisco Bay.
· Slalom - High-speed downwind races on small, lightweight boards and
sails -this is a very exciting, close-to-shore, tightly-packed fleet race
ideal for spectators.

Formula Windsurfing is an equipment standard which places limits on the
number of sails a racer may use for an event, and applies limits to the
board dimensions. This levels the playing field and allows amateur
competitors easy access to the same gear used by the professionals.
Generally speaking, this limitation system makes it more affordable for
average participants to race on state-of-the-art gear. ALSO: The
Formula system has revived competitive windsurfing around the world by making
It more inviting and accessible to those interested in racing. In terms of traditional sailing, a Formula Windsurfing set-up is the fastest course racing sailboat.

Key Support Organizations:
Regatta Host: The St. Francis Yacht Club – www.stfyc.com
Founded in 1927, the St. Francis Yacht Club is steeped in over 75 years
of yachting and racing traditions, and presides at the water's edge of the
San Francisco City Front. The StFYC hosted the 1999 & 2004 Windsurfing National Championship.
Sanctioning Body: US Windsurfing - uswindsurfing.org
Local Community: San Francisco Boardsailing Association – www.sfba.org