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6th August 2007, 08:30 PM
Can someone explain to me the difference in the Slalom races? How does Course slalom differ from Slalom. I figure Slalom 42 would be a slalom race with a fin restriction less than 42. Does that mean a Course Slalom allows fins up to 70? How about the way the courses are set? Is there a website that contains maps of various races? Thanks.

mark h
6th August 2007, 09:47 PM
Hi WSguy
Slalom 42, the 42 refers to 4 x sails & 2 x boards registered for an event. Max board width = 80cm, max sail size = 10m. Style of racing is either pure down-wind or figure of 8 (element of up wind, but not to high in angle). Wind minimum 11 knots.

Modern day course racing (Formula racing) is 1 x board 100cm (registered as a FW board by manufacturer), 3 x sails, max fin size 70cm. Up-wind & down-wind legs in wind minimum of 7 knots over the entire course to allow for full planning speeds.