View Full Version : RDM cam adapters for CR 5.6

8th August 2007, 09:21 PM
I have just received my new severne code red 5.6. I will use it on my severne RDM mast, however, the cam adapters didn-t arrive with the sail (although ordered with the sail). Supposedly, the guys at APM didn't have them.

What would happen if i were to use the sail with the normal cams on the RDM mast? Can i help myself with a bunch of spacers to fill the space? Would the wider cams destroy the sail?

Any othe suggestions what I can do?


Ian Fox
11th August 2007, 07:32 AM
Hi VeeDot,

It's possible to use the existing SDM cams and additional spacers to fit for RDM, or change to slightly smaller diameter cams (from upper SDM position/s)and use the extra spacers. The fitment result is not so ideal from a practical rating, as the cam/spacers don't stay so well on the batten interface when rigging/derigging (esp in crazy 5.6m hi winds), and (as you know) the cams are slightly bigger which distort but not damage the luff sleeve.

I agree it's not ideal, and FYI I'm now using SDM400 in CR-R2 5.6m.

Cheers ~ Ian