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9th August 2007, 01:51 AM
Has Starboard ever experimented with a catamaran/trimaran type of board for low-wind, displacement mode sailing? i.e. a board with
uses smilar to the Serenity, but more stable for beginners, and perhaps also shorter than the Serenity.


9th August 2007, 03:50 AM
I heard that two serenity boards could be linked in parallel with some kind of attachment and sailed as a side-by-side tandem. But I never heard anything more about that or saw any pictures, so maybe it was just a rumor.

9th August 2007, 05:32 AM
Hi Clark,
I saw a catamaran type hull when I was over in Thailand the last time at the Starboard test center.
Something they were working on, but I guess it didn't work out as there has never been any sort of production catamaran board.
A while back there was a "Catsurfer" or something like that that I sailed a few times.
It was fun , but if you think the Serenity turns around slowly, the Catsurfer was significantly slower in tacks.
There was another deal out there that consisted of a plarform with a mast slot that you could use with 2 boards under it. I never sailed it but it looked pretty cumbersome.
Trouble with that much stability and twin hulls is you cannot "rail" them to get them to turn.
All turning has to be accomplished with rig position.
Hope this helps,

John Kemsley
11th August 2007, 03:38 PM

I the early ninetees I took part in a day at Weymouth sailing club where disabled kids were taken ouut sailing. There was a craft made of two long board hulls (cant remember what the boards were but sure they were made of polypropylene) joined by a platform that we sat the kids on.

It was a real pig to sail, ok in a straight line, but turning ...UGH

11th August 2007, 09:36 PM
Here's a link about a "W" hull kayak. The article claims narrowness, mor than length is the key to good displacement mode speed. This guys's solution looks much like a cat. Not designed for windsurfing, but I think the idea would be transferable.


Del Carpenter
13th August 2007, 10:21 AM
I know of three multihulled windsurfers: 1. The windsurfing catamaran Roger called a Catsurfer was actually a "Surfcat" that came in two models, XS Fun and XS Speed. You can see a picture and a hull outline at: http://www.geocities.com/cctexan99/xsspeed/ They were available for a few years around 1987. 2. O'Brien had a system of making a catamaran by attaching two Sensations together in the late 80s or early 90s. I think that is what John Kemsley mentioned. 3. Yamaha made a windsurfing trimaran sometime in the early 1990s. It had a storage compartment in one of the hulls and was advertised as something good for long distance cruising.

I have an XS Speed. It has phenomenal directional stablity (dipping a rail has no effect on its direction) which as Roger pointed out means turning requires particular techniques (raising the nose and using rig steering).

One of the design problems of a windsurfing catamaran is the structual section which holds the two hulls together adds weight but does not add any planing ability. An XS Speed is 100cm wide like a 2001 Starboard Start and only slightly longer but weighs about 6 lbs more.


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