View Full Version : Mast for SSR 11.8

9th August 2007, 07:43 AM
Please advice?
I have the choice for a SSR 11.8 and I tried it on an Gaastra Ignition 550.
It looks not nice on the mast (wrinkles on the mast-sleeve). The mast-top seems too stiff and the lower part to soft?. The downhole force was already higher than with any other formula sails which I have.
Available is also a Gun Aero 550, and a Gaastra Ignition 520.
Would one of these masts fit better?
Would it help to extend the top a bit (5cm)?.
What would you propose?
I will only take the sail if one of the mentioned masts will work well.
On the other hand, the sail shows already a quite good performance and has a nice feel. Also the rotation is aceptable. With a bit better mast I think we could become friends. My weight is 75 kg.

10th August 2007, 12:58 AM
Hi Wedo,

For the best performance in a sail, the optimum way to go is with the designer's/brand's recommended mast. Otherwise, there a likely chance that you will be missing or degrading certain performance aspects designed into the sail. When looking to spend a ton of money for a sail and mast, it's advisable not to roll the dice as part of your decision.