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peter b
11th August 2007, 01:01 AM
As we are near to august 15th and all details for the 08 boards have been hacked sure i can ask this

i own a sonic 110 (2005) for usage with 7.5 and 6.5 sails
use select fins 37 cm en 33 cm
plane with the sonic 110 +7.5 in 14 knots

have been using a gps for about a month now

now looking for also a step smaller usage 6.5 a 5.5
(handle smaller than 5.5 when it gets really hectic)

all sails are severne overdrives (at the moment )

rider details 36 yrs
height 182 cm
weight 76 kgs

what next ? isonic 87/86 (2007 or 2008) or will the futura 93
be a better bet or stype (2007)

goal is to participate in local slalom and gps meetings
too lightweight for the real fast stuff i think but getting +35 knots
is ok for me the magic barrier no thanks too scared :p

speedmeetings are on inland waters (waistdeep Horst )

what ranges (knots) can you start using the isonic87 ? 15 -20 knots?

if the dutch guys read this they can always send a pm in dutch with your experiences


11th August 2007, 01:57 AM

For speed and blasting on inland waters, no question :

iSonic 87 > S-Type 93

When swell and chop get hectic in high wind, then S-Type will have an edge over iSonic for top-notch control vs speed and your 76 kg.

Futura, can't comment, don't know yet...

Cheers !


peter b
11th August 2007, 02:21 AM
thanks jm for the quick reply

the waters where the speed meetings are held with high wind it's a chop of 20 cms - and than it's really bad chop :p

the question about the futura (maybe too soon ) is because marketing wise they should be faster than the s-type and a better sail range and still more comfort than the i-sonic for which my only fear is that i'm too light to control it to get the max out of it where with the futura i would have more comfort hence better speed (more confident in the run)

as i guess it will take few weeks or months to get an ordered board here (europe belgium) the sooner i know the sooner i can place an order and train so i can participate the local meetings in 2008

if it gets too bumpy i still can use the wave equipment for the bump & jump

let the comments come


Ian Fox
11th August 2007, 06:01 AM
Hi Peter,

If you want an "immediate" solution then look no further than the iS87.

I think you will find the Dutch guys (esp Martin van Meurs) give this one the highest rating as a top choice for Horst type GPS conditions.

In the soon to be released and already hacked range there is another slightlier windier version that also serves a specific double life as a "mid" wind speed board that will be particularly suitable for riders concerned about rider weight vs board control while still retaining a very versatile range for speed meet use., and no, it's not the iS86, whatever that may be.... :)

Cheers ~ Ian

peter b
17th August 2007, 01:23 AM
so what's the better advice now the 2008 catalogue is up and running

medium high wind blasting sails approx 5.0 -6.8 +2 or 3 fins (naturally)

isonic 86 or (76) or futura 93

rider facts intermediate/advanced 76 kgs 182 cm
first goal 30 knots then up to ... ?
places to use strand horst ( flatwater even at highwind) gruissan & leucate (france)

17th August 2007, 03:27 PM
I don't have that much slalom/speed experience, but I can say that the iS76 is an extremely nice board. I'm 70 kilos and for me it is in practice pretty much floater. Of course its not as effective in light wind upwind work as fx my iS0101, other than that it is very all round and gets going very early too. You can trim it a lot by using differnt fins, I've so far tried fins between the 34cm Draks Slalom pro and the super small 23cm Drake speed fin (C3 style swept back). The feel of the board is quite radically changed when you go towards smaller and smaller fins, but the boards remains very "plug and play" and easy to sail.

I also must add that the iS76 is a fantastic jiber. I've done my fastest and most hard carving jibes ever on this board.

I've sailed the board a few times and both in reasonably flat stuff (10-20cm chop) to more heavy chop (30-50cm) and it handle both, I think. I've used 5.5 and 6.6 sails and both feel like they are in the sweet spot of the board.

Ian Fox
18th August 2007, 06:20 AM
Hi Peter,

If top speed (GPS speed) when conditions are good is the main aim, then the iS76 will be very suitable for Horst, Gruissan, Leucate. iS76 won't carry the 6.8m so well for open water slalom but OK for flat water speed. On smaller size sails the iS76 will come into it's own as the conditions get better. Logically, if the speedmeet happens to be held in marginal conditions (when top speeds on the day will not be records or PB etc), then the iS76 may be a little less efficent on those "poor" days than say iS86 or iS87.

In Dutch and Euro speed meets, we fully expect the iS76 to be very popular (and competitive) based on it's magic combination of near speedboard performance but near slalom board practicality. With a rider weight of 76kg, you will certainly not be radically undersized on this board on marginal speed days.

The overall efficency of the iS will tend to make it the choice of hard core, speed condition racers, who seek the last bit of "efficency" over the convenience/comfort of a fast but less ruthless design like ST or Futura.

Cheers ~ Ian

peter b
18th August 2007, 01:53 PM
thanks for the advice/comments

being new in the 'gps speed world' so not yet hardcore , the futura 93 will be a good option also, as it has more comfort/ease I will be more confident and can focus on the run iso controlling the board so getting higher speeds ( not taken into account the top end of the board but the capacities of the rider)
have checked on the gps speedsurfing site and as they go 36 knots with s-type
and the futura should be faster than the s-type this is good for me (this moment in time)
getting more experience in the speedsurfing and tuning fins ... i can upgrade to isonic in a year or two

also thinking getting a kombat 89 for playing around (some basic freestyle, chop hop, freeride over chop) or is this too close to futura ?
because than it would be better to get is 86 and a kombat 89 ( in theory volume is close but two completely different types of board) but now we get off topic