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11th August 2007, 03:07 AM
Hi all..
I've gotten myself a F159 with standard Drake 70 fin and I've equipped it with a Tushingham Lightning 10.3 sail.
The sail is a freerace sail which includes a lot of planing power and speed but a little limited pointing and top end compared to the "real" formula sails. The set-up will get me going in 10 knots of wind (I'm 97 kgs).

Does any of you have some good tips for improving the pointing on my gear as this seems like my "weak" spot (I'm quite experienced on smaller equipment but new into formula).
Should I load the fin? Lean forward or????

Any feedback is very appreciated..:p

12th August 2007, 03:17 AM
Try rake 8 with the fin and better try getten a deboichet soft R13 with rake 8... never look back again.
Do not fall a sleep on the downwind though.

mark h
12th August 2007, 06:56 AM
Hi Per
Heres a few starter points, hope they help.

Before buying expensive fin, try fitting an adjustable outhaul. It need'nt be a full-on system, as you will run out of rope/line at some point recreational sailing (its a pain when you have to keep comming back to the beach to feed rope back). Go for a simple cam adjustable outhaul (Northsails & Sailworks produce them) and fit it on one side only, this way you want keep running out of rope durring long cruises.

Bag the sail out downwind, and flatten it of for up wind, you find a big difference & point much higherfaster.

Also, adjustable harness lines (on the fly are best, N-Pryde do nice ones), upwind, shorten them, down wind lengthen them.

Your right about leaning forward (on formula), think of the mast as a third leg, and your centre leg should have no weight on it, lean forward like almost trying to touch the nose of the board and maintain constant/even pressure on the back foot. For extrem up wind, you can even hold the up-haul with you front hand to lean out even more (not much fun, but it does make a huge difference).


13th August 2007, 01:56 PM
Hi Per.

Read this excellent guide written by Swedish racer Jimmy Hellberg - A Newbies Guide To Formula. It provides a lot of general info including trim/tech info on pointing and deep sailing. It's in Swedish though, which I know you'll understand, but thus it might not be helpful to everyone.

The guide: http://www.surfzone.se/forum/showthread.php?t=40129


14th August 2007, 01:05 AM
Hi all..
Thanks a lot. I already use an authaul for my sail. Yesterday I tried to trim my board so it lifted a little on the windward side. It helped more than 5 degrees and speed was fine. I think I really have to keep speed up and not force the board.. Speed = pointing..:p