View Full Version : Isonic mast foot position

12th August 2007, 04:34 AM
any advice from the team or other forumites gratefully accepted!
When using an 8.5 twin cam sail with my is111 i've been playing around with mast foot positioning. My initial thought to put the mast foot right at the front for the 8.5 didn't seem to bring the speed i wanted. Moving it more central felt much better. In short, i'm confused! can anyone give me some advise on how far forward to place the mast foot in the track? I tend to prefer sailing either fully powered or over powered and tend to sail on relatively flat water with about 30cm chop.
Thanks guys and girls!

Erik Loots
12th August 2007, 10:14 PM
simple rule:

Bigger sail ==> mastfoot forward

Me personal trim everything to the max, when my backleg is taking a lot pressure, I move mastfoot forward.

Central position with Is111 + 8.5 sounds not a bad @ all

When powered up my Is105 is a real chopkiller, very easy ride when everything is trimmed well.