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13th August 2007, 12:14 AM
My weight is 82 kg. I own an i-Sonic 101 which I sail with CR7.7 and 6..6. But I also want a board that is easy to blast around with, and that my experienced girlfriend also can use. Sailsize will be most 6.5 Tush Lightning/V6, but it would be nice to put on an large fin and use the 7.5 tush lightning as well. My next board down is JP freestylewave 84l that I use with 5.7 and down. Should I go for the s-type 104 or 115? I owned a JP SuperX 106, and loved this board. is 104 or 115 most like this board? JP SuperX had a width of 63 cm. s-type's 115 width is 64 cm. Maybe this board is most like the JP ? if 6.5 is to big for the s-type 104, it's to small for me. confused...

13th August 2007, 03:35 PM
It's quite simple perhaps, because the 7.5 tush won't fit on the 104. I use a 7.2 as a biggest on the 104, but my 6.5 is spot on for this size.

In your point of view: the 115
(or wait till the futura 101 arrives, this board probably suits your wishes better...)