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13th August 2007, 02:58 PM
hi there,

I bought a gemini on holiday in denmark! The board sails fine and we have lot of fun. But yesterday my draggerboard broke during sailing, now without the draggerboard it becomes more difficult to sail the gemini in low winds... I did some research on the SB website and saw that the start, rio and phantom use the same draggerboard? Is it an option to replace the draggerboard from mine gemini with a draggerboard from a start, rio or gemini or doesn' t fits the draggerboard? because the measurements are the same concluding the website...

13th August 2007, 09:51 PM
What part of your centerboard broke?
The Start and Rio are brobably similar, and might work.
It would be easy to check on the fit as there are only
4-6 screws holding the cassette down under the deck.
But where are you going to find a centerboard for a Start/Rio that
the owner is not using?
All of them seem to use the same brass "axle" and the same plastic trunnions so it should work, but ordering the correct Gemini CB from your dealer would seem the better fix and it could be under warranty.
Hope this helps,

13th August 2007, 11:50 PM
nothing from the centerboard broke... the sword broke :( the black big fin you put out under the board in low/wind to have more upwind performance...
I already had contact with the importeur and he said he would order a new sword but that only takes more than 3 weeks and now it is summer over here, time to learn my girlfriend surfing... in one month I go for a journey over the world so that´s why I the sword is urgent for me B)
there are no swords in stock here but I saw on the internet the rio, start and phantom use the same sword... so I thought mayby they could give me a sword from a start or other SB which they have in stock

14th August 2007, 01:07 AM
Hi Guest,
I'm not sure how you can talk the dealer/distributor/importer into taking the centerboard (the sword as you call it, but they are the same) out of a new board so you can sail your Gemini, but go ahead and try.
If you offered to pay some of the shipping, I think you could get a new centerboard from Starboard in Thailand in less than 3 weeks.
How in the world did you break the centerboard off?
Did the blade just fail and fold over?
You aren't talking about the rear 70 cm wide blade black fin are you?
If so, you can substitute almost any => 65 cm Deep Tuttle fin in the back of your board.
You should be able to purchase a workable fin quite easily either from your dealer or distributor, or on the aftermarket.
If you ran the fin agound when it broke, you can also use a big weed fin very successfully under the back of the Gemini.
I use a Lessacher Design Duo Formula 40 cm under the Gemini I have quite often and it works great.
I hope you aren't planning to fly all over the world with the Gemini.....
good luck getting the Gemini on an airplane.
Svein brought the Gemini I have from BKK to Orlando last September, via LAX, and the Gemini got stuck in the baggage machinery at LAX.
Quite a story, and due to Svein's experience, I would not suggest traveling with a Gemini unless it's on the rooftop or in a trailer.
Hope this helps,

14th August 2007, 01:08 AM
What country are you located in and who is the importer there?
I may have an idea that will get you back on the water sooner.

14th August 2007, 04:03 AM
haha now I'm not going to travel by airplane but by boat ;)

I had a conversation with the importer about useing the sword from another SB... but he said the sword from other SB doesn't fits in the gemini and you "roger" said it does fit so I can have another conversation with the importer B)

now I'm not talking about the 70 cm fin ;) the SWORD :D I was sailing on a lake with deep water, started planning a little with the sword out and than it broke from out nothing... we didn't run aground or hit a fish or did any too radical action before the sword broke... it just broke of... I already send some photo's to the importer, fox-sports located in holland, he said you better don't plane with the sword out... but with my older epoxy BIG oldskool surfboards I always sailed with the sword max out, full planing and I never broke one sword...

I also could send you the photo's if you want, please give me you adress...

btw; thanks for the help so far

14th August 2007, 04:50 AM
Hi guest,
My email is:
I'd like to see the photos.
I did not say that the centerboard from the Rio/Start/Phantom would fit.
I said that it MIGHT fit and that it's pretty quick and easy job to take one out and see if it fits.
OK, it's not the fin that broke.
I completely agree with your importer on the issue of using the centerboard (sword) when fully planing.
The centerboard just slows you down and keeps the board from planing freely as well as preventing you from going upwind on the big fin at the back. You can either rail the board slightly upwind, or balance the 2 rigs so that the front rig does not pull the nose down when fully raked back. Then you roll the board slightly to leeward and go upwind about like a formula board (just not as high or fast).
If you always sailed your older longboards with the centerboard all the way down, how did you keep the board from turning over and getting squirrelly when you got going really fast.
Hope this helps,