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Marcus Maximus!
15th August 2007, 03:34 PM
Hey guys,

Love the new site!

Wan to change my S-type 115, which I used with a 6.0-6.5m when not windy enough for my Acid 86. I'm 83kg, trying spocks, vulcans, like to loop but like to go fast too. The futura is more slalom based. Is this replacing the S-type? The Kombat is more wave based, which may suit my spock attempts a little better. The Flare is too full on freestyle going by my past experience.

Which would you recommend? I was going to reduce the volume a little to 100-105 litres from 115, but this may too close to my 86 Acid?

Any guidance is much appreciated.



16th August 2007, 01:27 PM
If you're gonna go for freestyle tricks, the Kombat will be better. The Futuras have no central back strap option and hence will be more difficult to freestyle. For "general freeriding" both are very nice though.

If you're not gonna use bigger than 6.5, I think a Kombat 96 will work fine, but if you want some extra float, take the 105.

The Kombats are quite fast boards too.

Marcus Maximus!
16th August 2007, 05:47 PM

Thanks Ola for your reply. I have a couple more questions. Will the Kombats be the choice for Supercross events, or the Futuras?

Would the Kombat 96 be too close to an Acid 86?

And finally, the Kombats have US boxes in a 105 litre board.Would big fins (34cm) be a bit too much for this box?



17th August 2007, 02:20 PM
PWA has stopped racing supercross, so there is really no need to build a special board just for that. But the Futuras would have done a good job there except that some like single rear strap for supercross.

I don't think the Kombat 96 will be to close to the PA86 - just a sound and health overlap. However, should you want a more spread out quiver, the 105 works too. It demends a bit on what kind of sailing you're doing on the two boards. Since you seem more freestyle and blasting oriented the 105 is interesting since it gives some extra stability for tricks. If you would have been more focused on waves, the 96 would have been the trick.

I don't know about how big a fin you can use in the US-box. There is a 30cm Drake Crossover that definitely work and that is a pretty powerful fin for the size. A more thinner outlined freeride/slalom shape would probably work fine in 34cm.

17th August 2007, 03:56 PM
Don't go bigger than 32-34 cm a fin in US-box if you don't want to get structural damages.


Cheers !


Marcus Maximus!
17th August 2007, 06:24 PM
Thanks Ola and Jeam Marc!

I'm nearly at a decision! Supposing I changed the PA86 for a PA80 and rode the Kombat 96. Would the PA 80 compliment the Kombat 96 nicely? I'm reducing volume I know, but my 6.2m would be nice on the Kombat 96 I think.

I have a smaller wave board for bigger wind days, and that keeps the no of boards down.

By the way, the video on the Kombat on the website is brilliant - just saw it this morning.

Thanks for any help you can give me.